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my least favorite color…

Oh Joy Purple Rain

Oh Joy Purple Rain

Oh Joy Purple Rain

Oh Joy Purple Rain

People always ask me "What's your favorite color?" but I find it more interesting to know what someone's least favorite color is. Do you guys have a color that you NEVER wear or would hate to have in your home? My least favorite colors are purple and red. You've probably never seen those colors in anything we've designed here over at Oh Joy or in any projects we make (unless it's Christmas and then I'm okay with red). I used to love lavender when I was younger but now it reminds me of feminine products. And as much as I love red on other people, I never wear it myself (except as a lipstick). 

What's your least favorite? Is there a color you used to hate and now love? (I used to hate pink and now wear it all the time).

{Photos by Casey Brodley in this purple rain poncho by Clashist…the first time I have worn purple in a decade!}


  1. I’m with you on the red! A few years ago I LOVED red front doors and for some reason people new it and it became the staple colour of anything I ever received which was funny because it was also around the time I got married (Hello red toaster! Red teapot! Red polka dot mugs! Red tea towels and every other gifted kitchen item!!!) so all that red turned me off the colour forever! Still waiting for that red toaster to die before I get a new one… I also have a big dislike for orange. In the house, on me, in art. The only things I like that are orange are oranges and sunsets!

  2. I like red and purple is my favorite color but my least favorite? Yellow and gold (though the latter is growing on me a bit).

  3. I actually love red and purple…and blue and pink. But yellow, orange, and green are my least favorite. I love how others look in them and how bright and cheery they can be, but they just don’t go well on me!

  4. My least favorite colors are brown and mustard yellow, mainly because I don’t think I look good in them and I have always liked pastels and stayed away from fall colors.

  5. I hate orange so I pretend it doesn’t exist in my world (i.e. my apartment and esp. my closet). Also I don’t wear yellow and brown, but I don’t hate them as much.

  6. Orange and Purple! I try to like it, I really do, but I personally think it doesn’t look good on anything (clothes, furniture, paint, etc)

  7. I feel the same way! I LOVE most every color. If anyone ever asks what my favorite color is, I say I love them all, except orange. I’m also not much for yellow, although it’s okay on occasion. Maybe it’s because I have red hair, so those colors don’t look very good with my hair/skin tone.

  8. Red and purple are my least favorite colors as well! I also think it is more interesting to know a persons least favorite color. I personally don’t have a favorite color, I love so many that it changes all the time, but my least favorite colors have never really changed.

  9. Aw – all the hatin’ on orange!! 😉 I can get why some people wouldn’t like it, since it’s used in garish (fast food restaurants) and frustrating (ROAD CONSTRUCTION) ways. It was actually the color of my bridesmaid dresses – softer than most people would think with the color orange – and worked amazingly well with fuschia.
    But hey, you don’t like orange? That’s ok. I, for one, don’t care for blue. It doesn’t make me look that great, and I feel like it can go drab really quickly. But what do I wear all the time and what color is my livingroom turning towards? Blue, blue, blue (and, as far as the living room goes, green).

  10. I definitely don’t have a favorite color. Too many good options. But man do I love purple. I wear a lot of different nail polish colors, but light shades of purple are probably my most frequently worn. Least favorite is definitely red, but I also do like it on other people and in other people’s homes. Just not for me.

  11. My least favorite color is definitely purple. It’s a difficult color to come up with a nice color combination. At least, for me, it’s difficult. That’s why I hardly use purple in my designs.

  12. Same with Red. I was always anti-pink and purple too, but have been coming around to certain shades. I realized that with pink, I’m ok with hotter pinks, but blue-pinks really bug me. And I’m starting to really love red wine colors – a blend of purple and red. That I can get down with. Or grayish purple. I guess I just don’t like the standard crayon box colors. Boring.

  13. I’m really strange when it comes to color. I used to love red and black and I hated pink. Now I love pink so much that my HAIR is pink. And I stay away from reds and blacks. I guess my love for colors is ever-changing so I try not to rule anything out! 🙂

  14. Medium and dark purple and red are my least favorites. Lilac and lavender I can handle; red I tolerate for holidays. I don’t think I own a single purple thing. The only red things I have are a few books with red covers and some plastic red solo cups. I especially dislike the 1970s violet-magenta color, which is basically purple + red put together. I have a client right now who loooooves purple and it’s a challenge!

  15. I hate pink and blue, my Mom’s favorite colors, she used them far too much!! I also don’t like wearing red since I am a redhead. I used to like certain shades of purple now I don’t. I have always loved black and gray is now my favorite color. I also love mustard yellow.

  16. I still hate pink. And get pissed when Zoe, my 3-yr daughter, says ‘pink is for girls!’ Uggg!
    But though I hate the colour, the shades of pink lipstick look very good on me. With pink lipstick on I go from meh! to marvellous! 😛
    My fav colour is Green
    Zoe’s fav colour is Yellow (thumbs up :))

  17. I don’t like some shades of yellow and brown, but don’t hate any colour, not thought of my least liked colour, always people ask about my favorite colour, so nice take on the subject of colours.

  18. I don’t have a colour I loathe really but I don’t like bright red either. On the other hand burgundy colours I adore (not that i have a lot of that in my wardrobe either though).
    I don’t like greys, I’d rather go with something white or black than that odd in between. I find that it looks too “chic” and it’s just really not me.

  19. Red is my least favourite to wear mainly because I was brought up thinking that was a colour for older ladies, or ladies who were sexy like Jessica Rabbit, so I’ve just never wanted to wear it. I did buy a red car though… but only cause its a Fiat and that cause its the traditional colour of Fiats. Also I feel the same about Lavender as you do. I loved it as a girl and my mum bought all my clothes and accessories in lavender, but now is its a bit mumsy/women’s health product-y

  20. Purple. I never wear it. I’m not against purple foods (lavender ice cream makes my heart sing) but on me, in my house it’s a no go. I think it’s because it was my bedroom colour for so long. I also used to hate pink, but it’s starting to creep back into my life and I’m ok with that.

  21. I HATE BROWN. I also am not a purple fan! I used to like green, but haven’t been feeling it as an adult. Favorite colors are black and grey, (BORING!)

  22. I dislike red and pink a lot, to a point where my closet has zero sighting of them. I had added two pink pieces for work since few years ago and red ones since earlier this year for Chinese New Year purposes. Haven’t wore the red ones since then, but probably would put them again for upcoming national day. That love-hate relationship.

  23. Hmm, it is definitely shades and tones of certain colors that don’t appeal to me, rather than the whole spectrum of a color. Though there are certain colors that I will not often wear, even though I like them on other people and elsewhere.

  24. so funny, i used to proclaim that purple and red were my least favorite colors, especially when together! and looking at my closet, there isn’t any of either color!

  25. Not a fan of navy and brown – they’re too dull and boring. I like bright fun colors, similar to the ones I often see you use.

  26. I really do not care for the colors pink. beige and brown. In high school I was taught that pink is the color some mental institution use on their walls, to calm (or weaken) the patients . I noticed that it is the color society assigned girls/ women. So being the feminist I use to be, I made sure I or my daughters did not have too much pink around. Beige seems to be void of color and brown is sometimes dull. However Its difficult to get away from brown because of wood furnishings.

  27. It’s orange-ish yellow. It is most terrible shade of 23 color names I know are..
    But Royal Blue is my Favorite color. I do not hate Royal Blues!!!!!

  28. I like at least some shade of almost every color….I really can’t think of one that I completely dislike and would never wear. It’s just a matter of finding the right shade. For instance, dark chocolate brown looks awful on me and I rarely wear it, but cool beige is a shad eof brown I like. Peach is a terrible choice for me, but cantaloupe is an orange I can wear more successfully, though I usually don’t wear much orange. Some colors I might decorate with, like gray, but rarely wear. Some colors I only wear one shade of, like green, but some others have more shades and variations that I both like and wear, blue, for example. I can’t really think of any one color that I don’t wear or have around myself at all.

  29. My least favorite color is mauve. Little to do with how it looks on me, or how often it is used in my home… it’s just a gross color to me. My favorite is chartreuse and interestingly (coincidence?) They are pretty much compliments on the color wheel.

  30. My least favorite color is orange. I’m okay with really dark orange, but otherwise, I find it too bright and obnoxious. I don’t think that I look good in it, and I don’t think it combines well with other colors. Yellow and orange is too obnoxiously cheery, kind of like screaming, I’m Happy!!!!! in a really angry voice. Red and orange is also obnoxious, and it seems kind of angry. Green and orange just seems hideous to me. Orange and orange is like shouting I am the sun!!! I will burn out your retinas now. Blue and orange seemed obnoxious and ugly. Purple and orange has always seemed very hideous to me. I find that orange with warm colors seems obnoxious, and with cool colors, it seems hideous and/or obnoxious. The only time I like orange is in nature. My favorite color is turquoise, but I also like purple.

  31. I’m the odd one out- I cannot stand the color blue (though 10 years ago I loved it!). My favorite colors are red and green! Red is such a bold, powerful, beautiful color that reminds me of the holidays and gives me energy and life, whereas green is the lovely, peaceful color of nature (and looks the best on me, lol). Orange is growing on me lately too!

  32. Royal blue is my specific color and shade that I hate the most ? how funny. I don’t like blue in general, but I can tolerate deep blues. Royal, though…. hate it. Probably because it’s the color of my nursing school and work scrubs I’ve been forced to wear for the past 4 years.


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