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summer toasts…

Chocolate Almond Coconut Toast

Chocolate Almond Coconut Toast

Toasts. They’re so hot right now. Every trendy restaurant in Los Angeles carries some version of avocado toast. It’s like part snack/part lunch/and all very, very tasty. Today we’re sharing three of our own versions of toasts that are so easy to make and so, so, good (and non of them have avocado in them)!

1. Chocolate Almond Coconut Toast (above)
Toasted brioche (cut into strips) + Hey Boo coconut jam + toasted sliced almonds + shaved chocolate + toasted coconut = a sweet, creamy, chocolate-y snack that feels like a perfect dessert that melts in your mouth.

Cucumber and Goat Cheese Toast

2. Cucumber and Goat Cheese Toast
Toasted sourdough boule bread (slices cut in half) + goat cheese + thin cucumber slices + green grapes + cracked pepper = a creamy and savory toast that’s perfect as an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre. The grapes add a bit of sweetness to contrast the bit of bite with the cracked pepper.

Peach Ricotta Toast

3. Peach Ricotta Toast
Toasted baguette (cut at an angle) + whole milk ricotta cheese + sliced peaches + crushed roasted pistachios + honey drizzle = a mix of sweet and savory that makes for a great afternoon snacks both for little kids and big kids alike!

Do you guys have any favorite toast combos you love? 

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Ariel Fulmer for Oh Joy}


  1. My current fave is almond butter, banana, honey and himalayan pink salt. It’s like a toddler treat (just a little) grown up!

  2. yum! just last night i made toast on wendel’s honey wheat bread smeared with cashew butter and honey. mmm satisfying!

  3. So pretty as well as delicious sounding! I could do with some cucumber and grape today in this muggy weather. Sounds like just what I need, and now I’m inspired to try my own interesting combos – thank you 🙂


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