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oh joy answers / how to make time for a side business…

Oh Joy Answers

Oh Joy Answers

Today in "Oh Joy Answers", I'm chatting about how to make time for a side project or side business. It can be hard to do when you have so many other things going on! See my video below to hear what I recommend…

P.S. And thanks so much to Fast Company for including me in this month's article on productivity (next to Oprah! Ahhh! NBD).


  1. Joy, thanks for the tip of scheduling things on the calendar. What are some things that have helped you stay accountable? Apart from the passion bit, how do you hold yourself accountable. Also congrats on the Fast Company feature. Great job 🙂

  2. I rarely watch videos online but I make time to watch yours — you always have practical, concrete advice, and your personal success gives you lots of credibility. Have to say, I am so impressed and inspired by how relatable you’ve remained even as your business has grown by leaps and bounds. I think it’s a testament to your authenticity and integrity! (Sorry, didn’t mean to fangirl you know.) 😉

  3. Thanks so much Jeanette! That means a lot! We all started somewhere and I like to help people learn from my mistakes whenever I can 😉

  4. Very helpful video! I’m a little late to the party, but I just bought a copy of your Blog, Inc. book a few weeks ago and I am learning so much–thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  5. so true! There’s usually so much to that I don’t even know where to start, and it’s much easier to veg out after a long day working for other people–but if I write down 3 main things to get done it doesn’t seem so insurmountable.
    I have a business question: All the people on the Oh Joy team seem like such cool nice people that you’d even want to hang out with outside of work. In addition, in the creative field you can often do such fun things like eat at cool restaurants and watch movies all in the name of research ;).
    You’ve talked about how difficult it is to delineate business and personal for yourself, now my question is how do you delineate between business and personal with your employees/employers/coworkers that you may hang out with outside of work but may inevitably talk about work with ( for jobs like creative consulting, talk may lead to ideas, and ideas are money)

  6. Thanks so much Emily!
    If you feel like sharing, it’s always helpful to hear how others are enjoying the book in an Amazon review. Thanks in advance!!

  7. This was the exact question I asked you in Vancouver. I Started holding myself accountable and booking things in my calendar, but have started to slip by letting other commitments come first. This video was a nice reminder to regroup and make sure that I make my side project a priority again, because it IS important to me.
    Thanks for the video!

  8. Congrats, Joy, on the Fast Co. feature!! Really, everyone else should be saying, “whaaatttt, I’m featured right next to Joy Cho?!” 😉 With your busy schedule, do you ever make time to reflect? Do you journal or spend time weekly/monthly to reflect back on how things are going in life?

  9. Thanks so much for such a great, simple answer. Sometimes I get bogged down thinking I’m not spending enough time on my side project but spending any amount of time on it is better than no time and worrying about spending enough time is just waisting time. I just need to reminder myself I just need to start small. xo


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