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3 ways to wear a colorful coat…

3 ways to wear a colorful coat

3 ways to wear a colorful coat

To help with the cold and gloomy weather that often comes with winter, one of my favorite accessories is a colorful jacket or coat! I have a magenta coat I've been wearing for years and every time I wear it, people smile at me when they pass by. It's one of those pieces they aren't expecting to see in the winter and it immediately makes us cheerful. Here are a few outfits we pulled together to show how you can rock a colorful coat this winter…

3 ways to wear a colorful coat

1) The Mid-Length Coat. This is the most flattering cut for a coat on almost anyone and goes with the biggest variety of outfits. It's easy to throw on over a cute top and some jeans and makes you feel pulled together even when you're not. 

1. Ellie Kai Pink coat, 2. AG grey polka dot jeans (similar), 3. Ace & Jig top (past season), 4. J.Crew cowl neck scarf (similar), 5. Zuzii loafers.

3 ways to wear a colorful coat

2) The Cropped Coat. Because this has a boxy fit and a short length, this type of jacket goes well with pieces that flatter the lower half of your body and emphasizes the smaller portion of your waist (like an a-line skirt). Add some heels or wedges for some height to give that the boxy top more contrast.

1. The Bee and the Fox tee, 2. skirt from Target, 3. blazer by D.Ra, 4. necklace by LouLouLollipop Finery, 5. booties by Dolce Vita (similar).

3 ways to wear a colorful coat

3) The Long Coat. The long coat works best for dressier or more formal outfits. Because this type of coat can take over your whole body (all the way down to your ankles), a softer shade helps to add color without taking over your whole body. Pair this with a long dress or pants with heels.

1. Apiece Apart coat (past season, similar here and here), 2. vintage dress (similar), 3. pins mixed with vintage owl pins, 4. BC Footwear wedges (similar), 5. Anthropologie necklace (past season, similar).

Which style of coat is your favorite?

{Photos by Casey Brodley, flat styling by Julia Wester and Ariel Fulmer, outfit styling by Joy Cho.}


  1. What bright and colorful pairing. Wish these coats were warm enough for the cold NYC weather. I personally love the mid-length or the long coat. Keeps you much warmer in the winters. It does get dull and drab seeing everyone in NYC walk around in black/brown or dull colored parkas and coats. Love the pop of colors!

  2. I know that this post is about the colorful coats (all of which are stunning), but I cannot take my eyes off of that incredible pink skirt from Target. It is such a bold statement piece that I can see dressed up/down in so many ways. I will definitely be investing in one just like it soon!

  3. love that magenta coat! the navy is pretty too. what size do you wear in that coat? i think i’m probably a tad bigger than you, so wondering what size i might hypothetically get 🙂

  4. omg, the floral bouquet in the ice cream cone made my night and my best of what should have been a millennium list! 😉


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