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a backyard summer par-tay!

Oh Joy for Target summer collection

Oh Joy for Target summer collection

Oh Joy for Target summer collection

Oh Joy for Target summer collection

A couple weeks ago, I introduced our new Oh Joy for Target summer home decor collection! Today, I'm sharing a little video we made showing how the collection makes a juicy and sweet backyard party…and then how they fit right into your home after the festivities have ended. Press play below to watch and enjoy!

Brought to you by: Oh Joy + Target
Creative Direction: Joy Cho
Video: Jenner Brown
Music: “I Love Us“ by Katrina Stone
Production and Styling: Julia Wester
Production Assistants: Jessica Hong & Courtney Ketchersid
Hair and Makeup: Danielle Walch
Graphics: Angie Stalker
Location rental: Kid & Coe
Catering: Heirloom LA
Photo stills: Mary Costa


  1. So cute and perfect for summer! Thank you so much for sharing this as a blogger of a relationship & lifestyle website this has inspired me.

  2. So beautiful! I just saw your video on Insta and thought how cute it was! I’m going to check out Target the next time I’m in the U.S. to see what I could get my hands on.

  3. I LOVE everything about this. I’m throwing a 1st bday party for my little girl and would love to have a similar setup for her. Can you please share the Kid and Coe location you used for this photoshoot?
    THANK YOU for the constant inspiration.


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