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happy friday + san francisco!

Rifle Paper Co. San Francisco Print

Rifle Paper Co. San Francisco Print

We're keeping our summer trip this year low-key and rather than going too far away, we've decided to head to San Francisco at the end of the summer for a little R&R. We haven't been there as a family since Ruby was 7 months old, so it will be nice to be back with two walking kids to explore the city!

For those of you who live in the Bay Area or are familiar with the area, I would love any recommendations of places to eat, things to do with the kids, places to shop for inspiration, etc. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advanced!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. B. Patisserie for kouign ammann and everything else. San Tung for their chicken wings. Pizzeria Delfina. Bi-rite, Humphrey Slocombe for ice cream. Brendas for brunch (all the beignets!)
    Sf zoo, cal academy, Exploratorium are all fun for kids. Take a ferry ride to Sausalito or to the east bay.
    Don’t forget to explore the east bay too! Tilden Park in Berkeley would be fun for the kids with the little farm where you can bring celery and lettuce to feed the animals. There’s also a steam strain and old carousel.

  2. Agree with the rec’s above! Also- Lihiliho yacht club for an upscale hawaiian dinner (hard to get a reservation!) Cotogna for the best pasta in the city, hit up the ferry building on saturday morning for DELISH chilaquiles, gingersnap cookies at Miette, and Rolli Roti sandwiches.
    If you’re in the mission get a La Taqueria burrito and an El Farolito burrito and debate which one is better !
    Walk along Sacramento street to go to stores like St. Frank, Jessie Black and Hudson Grace, then stop for a photogenic snack at As Quoted.
    Then I would rent a car and come out to Sausalito and Mill Valley (where I live!). Definitely hit up Bar Bocce in Sausalito for warmer weather than the city and pizzas right on the water. There is so much to do, you’ll have a blast!

  3. Our little girls loved the Walt Disney Museum in the Presidio, and the Children’s Garden at Yerba Buena Gardens. There’s a beautiful carousel and children’s museum there as well.
    Don’t forget jackets, it’s chilly all year ’round!

  4. Ditto to San Tung chicken wings! FYI – San Tung #1 is right next door to ST #2 and they’re exactly the same. Just pick the one with the shorter line 🙂 The Japanese Tea Garden is a short walk away at Golden Gate Park. Should be beautiful in the summer and makes for great pics.

  5. We just came back from San Francisco with the kids a couple weeks ago. You could spend the entire day at Golden Gate Park with your girls. So much room to run and play, plus the Academy of Sciences which was excellent. We also loved the Exploratorium down by the Ferry Building.
    Here’s our trip report if you are interested:
    Can’t wait to see what you guys end up doing! I will be taking notes for sure 🙂

  6. We do San Francisco with kids a few times a year and these are our top destinations…
    Golden gate park for sure…paddle boats, koret’s children’s playground.
    Cable car museum and park right nearby near community center
    Muir Woods for beauty and nature
    Delores Park is a beautiful playground and excellent Mexican food nearby, mentioned above.

  7. How exciting! I live in Berkeley and I share my family’s adventures around the Bay Area on my blog ( There are so many fun places to explore with kids here. You can see some of my family’s favorite’s here:
    Some of my favorite things to do with visitors:
    * A day spent in the Mission District hanging out in Dolores Park (which has the best playground an amazing city views), checking out alleys filled with murals and eating burritos.
    * Riding the California Line cable car. This line rarely has a queue (unlike the super popular Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde lines) so we always get seats outside or a spot to stand and hang on to the side if we prefer. You can catch it from the end of California (at Market) and ride it up the hill. The views over the Bay Bridge are pretty cool. We usually get off at Mason St and visit either Grace Cathedral, the Fairmont Hotel or the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel depending on what’s on at the time. Top of the Mark at the Intercontinental is a pretty swanky place for a drink and amazing views. From there we walk a few blocks (downhill) to the Cable Car Museum where you can see the actual cables that run the whole system (it’s free). From there it’s usually pretty easy to hop on the Powell-Mason cable car in either direction. The cable cars are often quite empty at this point but I haven’t worked out why! Or it’s a pretty easy downhill walk to Chinatown, North Beach or even super touristy spots like Fisherman’s Wharf. I should probably mention that my idea of an easy walk isn’t always everyone else’s idea of an easy walk, but my kids do it no problem.
    * Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Make sure to take the bus across and walk back. The views are better this way plus if you start your walk at the city side it’s kind of tricky to find the bus stop to come back. We’ve been caught out before! It’s a long walk for little legs to do in both directions. Ruby should have no problems going one way though.
    * California Academy of Sciences is one of the best museums ever. My kids love it. The rain forest exhibit is amazing and takes you up to the tree tops and then down to a flooded Amazon forest floor. Afterwards we usually head to the de Young gallery (directly opposite Cal Academy) and take the elevator to the observation deck for views over the city. Entry to the observation deck at the de Young is free.
    * If you head over to our side of the bay, Tilden Park is a great spot to take the kids as others have mentioned. You’ll definitely need a car. Little Farm is cute plus there’s a carousel and a little steam train. The views over the bay from the top are awesome – if you’re not shrouded in fog! On the way back down the hill we like to stop at Cordonice Park (concrete slide!) and Indian Rock which is fun to climb and has great views. You have to go to Cheeseboard for pizza!

  8. Ok, so I am not from San Fran (from Vancouver) but we have gone quite a few times. Love that city. I have a 1.5 year old super impatient son so here are my pics that worked with said
    1. Golden Gate Park Playground: It is AMAZING, such a great playground that is perfect for kids of all ages. It has a waterpark as well as two separate huge play structures. And a carousal. So fun!
    2. Cal Academy of Science: So close to the playground mentioned above. I love this building. You can even you tube and watch the tv show that follows the famous architect who designed the building and all the challenges involved. It is “musueming” done different.
    3. The Ferry Building: I basically just want to eat everything here. If your kids tend to be loud, you can even eat on the patio at Gott’s Roadside and the sound will be absorbed. 😉 Miette is awesome as well.
    4. Visit the Exploratorium next door.. being a kid again is always fun.
    5. Bike (or ferry) over to Sausalito for ice cream or a yummy seaside lunch.
    Have fun,

  9. I love San Francisco! I definitely recommending going to Swan Oyster Depot (1517 Polk Street). They have the best seafood and their Boston chowder is so Yummy! I can’t wait to visit San Fran again just to go there. It’s a hole in the wall but people line up every day to dine there. Have fun in San Fran when you visit!

  10. You have to try and get a Cruffin (It’s a Croissant-Muffin Hybrid..basically the Cronut of the West!) at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse!
    I love Hayes Valley so you’ll have to check out these places:
    Smitten Ice Cream – amazing fresh churned ice cream
    Boba Guys – they have traditional boba milk tea, but also tea flights!
    Miette – a beautiful candy store that has these amazing ice cream sandwiches
    Samovar – on Valencia St – they have amazing Chai tea!
    These area all food related clearly, but everything’s delicious!

  11. So many great recommendations from people so far. Have fun and remember to bring warm clothes!
    1. EAT: Burma Superstar (get the green tea leaf salad), The Mill for toasts, La Taqueria (get the carnitas dorado-style and ask for salsa roja on the side), State Bird Provisions (if you an Bob can get a sitter)
    2. SWEETS: Tartine Bakery, Bi-rite Creamery, Humphrey Slocombe
    3. COFFEE – Philz (get the mint mojito iced coffee)
    4. PHOTO OPS – Chrissy Field, Ferry Building, Top of the Mark, Lyon Steps in the Presidio, Pink Lady houses, pastel homes in the Marina/Cow Hollow, Baker Beach
    5. KIDS – Exploratorium, California Academy (rainforest exhibit is amazing) next to De Young Museum and Japanese Tea Gardens, Pier 39 (it’s touristy, but they’ll like the seals), Golden Gate Park (paddle boats, etc.) See the giant redwoods in Muir Woods
    6. EAST BAY – Tilden Park (Berkeley), Pixar Studios tour if you know someone (Emeryville), Children’s Fairyland (Oakland), Oakland Zoo (they’re known for their excellent treatment of animals), Brown Sugar Kitchen’s (Oakland) chicken and waffles and sticky buns, Bakesale Betty for the fried chicken sandwich and strawberry shortcake (Oakland), Donut Dolly (Oakland), Black Swan Market (Oakland), Fenton’s Creamery (Oakland), Smitten Creamery (Oakland), Curbside Creamery (Oakland)

  12. Hi, Joy! I live in SF now, and I actually think being a tourist here is way better. Blue Bottle and some yummy bread at the Ferry Building make for a fun breakfast that you can take outside and eat by the Bay. A ferry ride to Sausalito is inexpensive and really beautiful!
    Visiting museums and parks is the best here. The Exploratorium and The Walt Disney Family Museum are my favorites. WDFM is in the Presidio, which is really nice and a clear day (not so much in the fog). Try to go when they have a special event, film, or class that the kids can take.
    The Mission is probably the hippest neighborhood, but I don’t think it’s super kid friendly. Your best bet would be to get ice cream at Bi-Rite and take it to Dolores Park. The playground there is AWESOME!
    Duboce Park has a ton of dogs and is fun for people watching. Duboce Park Cafe serves breakfast and lunch and isn’t pretentious or expensive.
    If you’re trying to do brunch or eat at a well-known spot, start making your reservation NOW. Better yet, skip them and go someplace more neighborhoody. My favorite neighborhood for real local eats is West Portal. You can take the Muni to the little spot under the fog. Toast is good for brunch, Trattoria de Vittorio has great Italian food in a super vibrant environment. There’s also great Mexican food, Indian food, and Chinese food there! Daisy Nail Salon is the best if you and Ruby need a polish 😉
    Hayes Valley is perfect for walking around. Lavish is the best card/gift store in the city. There’s a beer garden and Smitten Ice Cream there as well. Smitten would be a fun place to take the kids because they make your ice cream using seasonal ingredients and liquid nitrogen right in front of you.
    If you can get in a car, drive down to Pacifica on a sunny day to do a mini hike and watch A TON of surfers. Yonder is a hand-made pottery shop there that is really beautiful.
    If you need a water break, the local public pools are surprisingly fantastic.
    Enjoy! It’d be a dream to run into you here!!

  13. Golden Gate park is an amazing 1 day experience, you can start at the Conservatory of Flowers and hit up the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, browse art at the De Young, explore the sciences in the California Academy of Sciences, drink tea at the Hagiwara Tea Garden, paddleboat across Stowe Lake, admire the BISON in the Bison Paddock and then drive/ride/walk for some Burmese food at Burma Superstar, Mandalay or B-Star.
    I second all the other stuff like the Exploratorium, Walt Disney Family Museum, and all the eateries in Chinatown, the Mission and others 🙂
    Oh, and visiting the famous red bridge is always nice, just be wary of our summertime fog. Have fun!

  14. I’m so excited to hear you (and Ruby and Coco!!!!) are coming to SF! I don’t have kids so a lot of what I know and like here is more adult-oriented, but here are things I think both parents and kiddos would enjoy!
    Paddle boats at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park! The Conservatory of Flowers and the bison paddock is also in Golden Gate Park.
    Lands End is beautiful, short scenic hike that’s paved and easy to do with kids; it starts near the Sutro Baths, which is my favorite spot in SF. A secret gem I think you’d like is the Mosaic Stairway near Grand View Park.
    Take Ruby and Coco on an ice cream tour of SF! Stop at Bi-Rite Creamery, Humphrey Slocombe, Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous, and Smitten Ice Cream. Bi-Rite is near Tartine Bakery (a favorite of many). Humphrey Slocombe is in the Lower Mission (near Dynamo Donuts!), and also in the Ferry Building, another worthy stop. Smitten Ice Cream is in Hayes Valley, near tons of other cute shops and eats. If you prefer yogurt, stop at Souvla (baklava crumbles and wildflower honey greek yogurt ice cream!) and Loving Cup, both in Hayes Valley. You could seriously plan a whole day based on this ice cream tour, stopping to explore each neighborhood!
    For places to shop for inspiration – Little Paper Planes, General Store, Gravel & Gold, Mill Mercantile, Rare Device, Paxton Gate and Flora Grubb Gardens. I also love the indie bookstores here: Green Apple Books, City Lights Books and Alley Cat Books, especially.
    As for food – Outerlands or Brenda’s French Soul Food for brunch.
    Zen Yai and Kin Khao for Thai. I know you guys have Thai Town in LA, but Zen Yai has the BEST beef boat noodle soup. It’s better than Sapp Coffee Shop in LA imo. (Important to note: I’m Thai, too!) Kin Khao is a Michelin-star Thai restaurant that is so, so delicious. I was skeptical about upscale Thai, but it’s just so different from Thai food anywhere else. So good that we even had our wedding rehearsal dinner there. (Maybe not the best place for kids though!)
    And of course, SF has the best coffee! You can’t go wrong with Sightglass, Ritual, Wrecking Ball or Saint Frank.
    Have so much fun!!

  15. The Castro theater has sing alongs sometimes (think Little Mermaid and Frozen!). Nothing like watching a Disney movie in costumes in a grand theater in a vibrant neighborhood!!

  16. I second Burma Superstar (off Clement, inner Richmond)! Actually my cousin owns the restaurant ? (try the mo hinga, authentic Burmese and my kids love it). Also in the Mission, Burma Love (more modern, fusion, tasty).

  17. SF is the best! So glad you are coming to visit for vacation.
    In South Bay, I would recommend QQ Noodle, one of my favorite noodle places.
    For dim sum in SF, my favorite is Lai Hong Lounge.
    You should def pay a visit to the Presidio and Dolores Park.
    Visit the Moraga Steps on 16th Street, Hidden Garden Steps for some cool mosaic designs. There is an awesome view of the ocean at the top of the Lyon Street Stairs and it is in the middle of Pacific Heights where all the nice houses are. You can even walk all the way down to the Palace of Fine Arts.
    Hope you and your family enjoy the trip!

  18. For shopping: Metier (Hayes Valley) for the coolest antique and modern jewelry; The Podolls (Noe Valley); Mapamundi Kids (Noe Valley); Omnivore Books (new and old cookbooks).
    For eating: Boba Guys (Hayes Valley and Mission) for the best boba drinks in the world; Craftsman and Wolves (Mission) for baked goods; Mitchell’s Ice Cream (Mission); second Liholiho (which is good for kids). If you’re in town in a Sunday, swing by Off the Grid: Picnic in the Presidio. Lots of food trucks (Pizza Del Popolo and Girl Friday are our favorites), fantastic view, and it’s right next to the Disney Museum, which is great.
    For playing: Academy of Sciences; Exploratorium; Golden Gate Park (particularly Children’s Playground, which is next to the Carousel).
    San Francisco is marvelous with kids. Have fun!

  19. so…i posted a big list but it doesn’t look like it went through :\ overall:
    aina – in the Dogpatch. modern take on hawaiian food. open for breakfast + brunch. i suggest a weekday visit as this is a new + growing restaurant and gets super busy on weekends (otherwise make a reservation)
    burma superstar, b star bar, burma love: burmese food + fusion (@bstarbar). lines start early for burma superstar and they don’t take reservations.
    cha cha cha for tapas!
    smitten for ice cream
    coffee @ front ( for their affogato (blue bottle also does a good affogato).
    boba guys –they’re good but i’m not a huge connoisseur so i think other places are also just as tasty. for instance, t pumps in inner sunset
    sophie’s crepes in japantown!
    off the grid (anywhere, but Presidio on Sundays is relaxing).
    TO DO:
    museums: SF MoMA (recently reopened after 2-3 years closed for remodel), Asian Art Museum, Cal Academy of Sciences, Legion of Honor
    hikes: Muir Woods (across the GGB–good with kids), Mount Tam (also across the GGB), Lands End
    music: Stern Grove Sundays (free:

  20. Hi,
    I live here and this is going to be a long comment but I really like you and your family and your blog so I’m so excited to have something to contribute hah :). Disclaimer, I don’t have kids but I am a seasoned nanny and the needs of my best friend of sister’s 18 month old is something I am constantly considerate of. Hopefully this will give you some help in the overall logistics/itinerary planning.
    – Go to a Giants game, get the cheapest seats behind or closest to Left field. This is where the kids playground is and there is a huge underground area to get out of the sun as well. In this underground area under the kid’s playground and the left field bleachers is the least crowded spot in the park (think rows of empty tables). The underground empties into a cute little herb garden area back outside (behind center field) under the score board.From the garden you can walk upstairs to get the view of the water, take pictures on a cable car, etc.
    – Before or after the game, go to Delancey Street Restaurant on the Embarcadero. This place is super special. It’s one of those amazing institutions that you get choked up reading about. The establishment is run by wonderful people that are rebuilding their lives and have so much pride and care and quality in their jobs. The food is amazing and it’s subsidized so really cheap. Amazing spaghetti squash with huge fresh perfectly seared scallops but for like $12. You almost feel like you’re taking advantage. You’d think it’d be crowded but it’s not (have gone countless times before or after games). I wish that place got more attention! It’s a big place, has a huge menu, both indoor and outdoor seating. I do this with every friend that visits – including the foodies. I think everyone appreciates affordable great food too when they are spending so much cash on a multi-day trip.
    – Try to align your timing with international jet laggers. If you have your heart set on taking the trolley from Powell up to Fisherman’s wharf, by far the best time to go is in the morning or early afternoon on a weekday. I live right there and commute by BART everyday. There is NO ONE in line on weekdays in the first part of the day except for the European travellers that are wide awake early from Jet Lag and were scared off by the previous day’s lines. Might sound lackluster because of the lack of crowd but you get the best seats and a calmer/beautiful experience. I HIGHLY recommend going at that time (I took my NYC-based BF at 10/11 on Friday and it was PERFECT).
    – In case you don’t recall, trolley tickets need to be purchased at the kiosk 20 ft. away from the line. If you’re at Powell it’s in between the bank and the steps down to the BART/MUNI station. You can also beat the line by waiting at Union Square one block up, however, this is really best with 1-2 people and not with a stroller.
    – Fisherman’s Wharf needs no explanation – it’s really fun to walk around. If it’s too crowded for you or if you’re coming from Market up the Embarcadero and need a good place to stop – go to Pier 23 for food. It’s size from the outside is deceiving, it’s got a huge back dock that’s tented. Red-checked tablecloths, sour dough bread bowl for your chowder, etc. You won’t need to wait for seats and it’s not hush-hush in the least. Food is good and super affordable. You can get great affordable seafood there- especially the stuff that’s kid friendly.
    -I know everyone will suggest ferry to Sausalito but I don’t see how that’d be that entertaining for kids or stroller-friendly. If you want to ferry I think you should go out to Angel Island instead. This is that little mountain that sits behind Alcatraz. It’s beautiful, it’s a state park, hiking certain trails gives you 360 views of both bridges. Alcatraz tickets have to be purchased weeks or months in advance whereas the Angel Island ferry tickets get purchased inside the Ferry Building. You can shop at the great places there for your picnic items to take over. Bring a water bottle for each and fill it up in the fountains there. There are a few restaurants and guided tours there too. Also, you’re going at the right time of year. That ferry doesn’t run all year long. I know some new locals that are anxious to get out there because it’s such a cool and fun thing to do. If you pick up the ferry at the Ferry building it’s better than the long line at the Fisherman’s wharf stop. You also get to see the harbor from the water which is awesome (the ferry route goes from the harbor where the bay bridge is behind/next to you and behind Alcatraz but to the right of the Golden Gate bridge). Have windbreakers/jackets for the ferry ride back. Note* I went there with a friend that was 7-months pregnant in June last year and it was thumbs-up all around if that is helpful context at all.
    – I think Hayes Valley is the perfect place to meet up with friends or kill an afternoon/evening timeslot you need to fill. There is a park there that with a small little kid’s piece but it’s a low car-traffic area that’s not too heavily congested with pedestrians like that of a Union Square. It has tons of the little boutiques and shops that your kids are probably too young for IMHO.
    – Go to Souvla!! Souvla is one of my favorites in the entire city and you or your husband can get the food to go (it’s 3 store fronts down from the park) if you want to eat outside. This is another place where it’s better to go Off-peak. It’s a Greek place and everything on the menu is amazing and they are great with modifications (sandwich or salad, gluten free, no dairy, etc.). Also they have a greek frozen yogurt machine and you can get honey for toppings or baklava (or both ;)). I LOVE THAT PLACE. It’s another on of my go-to places for hosting guests or meeting up with people that are travelling through. Hayes Valley is in walking distance from Civic Center and is in the ‘Arts District’ where the ballet, opera, symphony, and many theatres are located.
    – Smitten is the ice cream place right there in the Hayes Valley Square defined by Octavia and Fell. There is a movie theatre kickstarter that I guess isn’t complete so it’s another little run around spot. You can start a bike tour at the bike shop there too! There’s also a Beer Garden that always has strollers so you would not be the only family with some nappers in tow. I LOVE Hayes Valley. There’s also a super cool Mexican Art Gallery on Gough (pronounced Goff) named Polanco that you should check out. The owner is so friendly and nice but not imposing. The imported art and decor is awesome and so bright and cheerful for your kids.
    – If you’re renting a car, definitely go out to the Muir-Woods to see the beautiful red-woods. There’s a trail for every age. There’s a beach and view point you can stop off at nearby on your way out to get that taste of the Pacific without doing the whole beach-thing.
    – On your way back into the city (over the Golden Gate bridge), THIS would be the best time to stop off in Sausalito in my opinion. You can do a lunch, walk, ice cream, buy a Christmas Tree ornament, etc. there and park in one of the lots right on the main drag for 8-10 bucks for the >2.5 hours you’ll need.
    – If you’re planning for a date night – book those reservations NOW. Fancy restaurants fill up far in advance in this city. Your connections would be of the most valuable leverage if applied to this. State Bird Provisions is incredible. Their anchovy toast is one of the most special things I’ve ever eaten (ask the staff about it’s preparation). Try to sit at the chef’s table. I honestly think that place is one of the best restaurants in the U.S..
    – I see that many have recommended the Mission and Dolores Park but unless you’re going on a weekday I think you’re going to have a hard time. Or if you have a friend here that will coordinate and make sure you can make a day of it (because obviously that would be a blast to hang out in that park with your friends). Many suggest taking the MUNI G up the hill for the view but I semi-loathe MUNI. I saw the Delfina restaurant recommendation and yes – best Pizza in SF (which honestly isn’t saying much per this New Yorker by way of Philadelphia) but that line is wrapped around the block on a weekend afternoon and evening. So is the Bi Rite ice- cream everyone is recommending to you. You wait forever for the bathroom in the park too. I just don’t see how the 4 of you picnicking solo there beats the other parks mentioned – seems like a hassle to me.
    – I have nothing to add to everyone’s suggestions for Golden Gate Park and the Exploratorium – agree that it’s a must. The other comments about Golden Gate park and the Exploratorium
    – One last thing, if your travels have you in SOMA for work or friends it may seem like there’s not a lot going on food-wise so plan to take the fam to the SOMA Streat Food park (I think it’s on 11th and Harrison) that’s tucked away behind the Costco. It’s roomy, tented, outside, umbrella, seating. Sports playing on the outdoor big screen. All of these food trucks park and line up there and there is something for everyone and it’s all SO so so good. It’s kid friendly. It should be your go-to plan if you have a reason to be in SOMA. I would say it should be a point-of interest on it’s on but I honestly don’t know what to suggest for before or after outside of taking an uber or bus back to where you came from (unless you need to pick some things up from Costco while in town haha ;).
    – There’s a NAPA Valley Farms market in the Airport so you can get your wine on your way out if you need to bring some back for gifts and you won’t be driving out for a wine-tour.
    Hope this is helpful! Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  21. One more thing for date night or for the adults-only evening plans in the city that I forgot to mention. Go to Martuni’s after your dinner. Sometimes it’s hard to find a bar with the right mood and this has never disappointed me. It’s a piano bar, where everyone signs along (but not in a 3 hour long wait list if you’re so inclined kind of way). I think it’s casual, fun, really makes you feel like you’re doing something. It has a nice range of ages in the crowd, a great variety of music. I’ve taken my college roommates there as well as my parents and all have had a blast. It’s good for needing a place to continue your night (but not wanting to be out too late) but not wanting to go to some random cocktail place or hotel bar.

  22. Following along as I’ll be in the Bay Area the first week of August! I’ve been jotting down a couple of restaurants that your friend Ellen of Hedley & Bennett has been visiting (Mister Jiu’s, Liholiho Yacht Club, Souvla, Samovar Tea Bar) and a couple of places that my friends recently visited (20th Century Cafe, Cala, Salumeria). Yes, it’s a food tour for me. And the number one place on my list is Kin Khao, a Thai restaurant by former food blogger and author Pim of Chez Pim, which recently received a Michelin one star.

  23. The Discovery Museum in Sausalito. Great view of the GGB and hours of play for the littles. We have had a membership for years.

  24. The Exploratorium and the gardens outside are super fun (and I have only done it without my kids)! We had a lot of fun with my then 3 year old checking out the sights and sounds of Chinatown, taking the boat to Alcatraz and exploring the island and, although so touristy, you have to see the sea lions off of Pier 39. You can’t NOT smile watching them, especially if you have seen Finding Dory!

  25. I live in SF with my 5 year old daughter. Here are our favorite things to do:
    — Great playgrounds: Golden Gate Park, Lafayette Park, and Dolores Park
    — Get donuts and coffee/milk at the Dynamo kiosk near Crissy field and then walk or bike along the water. It is also a great place to picnic, watch the action in the bay, and fly a kite.
    — Dining: Outerlands for weekend brunch or dinner, delpopolo for thin crust pizza, kolkkari for high end Greek (my favorite adult restaurant), bi-rite ice cream, Nopa brunch, Burma Love or b star for Burmese (must get samusa soup).
    — Shopping: Hayes Valley for variety of local shops
    — Outdoor experience #1: a hike in the Marin Headlands (Rodeo Beach is a good place to start) followed by lunch on the deck of Cavallo Point looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. Then a quick trip to the kid-centric Bay Are Discovery Museum next door.
    — Outdoor experience # 2: Travel 45 mins – 1 hour south on Highway 1, passing Half Moon Bay and Pescadero (both interesting places to stop). Pick Ollalaiberries, tayberries, blackberries, loganberries, etc. at Swanton Berry Farms. Stop at Highway 1 Brewing company for lunch and board games. Then, head to the beach across the street. The beach has a creek running though and gives kiddos a safe place to splash. BTW, pescadero is home to Harley Farms, a goat farm and dairy. It is a fun place to stop with kiddos.


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