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a {giveaway} with pehr…(now closed)

Pehr Designs

Pehr Designs

Storage is a never-ending issue in my house—especially when it comes to the kids' toys, books, crafts, and everything else! So, I love these cute storage bins by Pehr that come in a bunch of cute patterns. These awesome drums are one of my favorite pieces by Pehr because they hold shape well and can fit a ton from towels and household items to the kids' stuff. But Pehr is not just for kids! They've got tabletop items, throw pillows, and so many things you need for the house.

So today, we've partnered with Pehr to give away $200 worth of credit on their site to two lucky readers – and 25% off their entire site for all our readers!

Pehr Designs

To enter, please visit Pehr's website. Then, leave a comment here telling me your favorites! Entries close this Friday, July 1st at 8am PST and two winners will be chosen at random.* Good luck!

P.S. Use code OHJOYXPEHR at Pehr Designs to claim your 25% off discount until July 5th! 

UPDATE: Congrats to Haley S. from Cincinnati, OH and Sonia L. from North Vancouver, BC for being our winners this time! 

*This giveaway is open to readers anywhere in the world! Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $200 USD total value per winner. Winner will be contacted via email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. We are still using our college hampers in this house, though it’s been years since college… It would definitely be the time to update with some new ones like the red one that Pehr has!

  2. How do you decide when they’re all amazing?! I love the bins bright stripes but then also the drums gray stripe also appeals.

  3. I adore the bunting bags, and Pom Pom drums! My first baby is due in Early December and winning this would help so so much!

  4. I have this same problem–I feel like I’m constantly reorganizing toys! Love the navy speck and the pom pom drums!

  5. Lovely textiles. My favorites are:
    -Persimmon Pencil Lines Hamper
    -Melon/Peony Fiori Napkins
    -Painted Dots Hamper

  6. Oh man, so many adorable things! I love the neutral coloured drums and the pencil lined pillows (in green or eggplant!).

  7. Love the baskets, but I’m dying for one of those ink marbled wool throws. Gorgeous!

  8. Love the Blue Stork Blanket and the Merry Go Round Mobile. Both would be a great addition to the nursery for my first baby due in 8 weeks.

  9. Love the hampers for my kiddos, but for me–it’s the pillows and throws!

  10. Oooh, so hard to choose… but the Blush Pom Pom Hamper would save me from blushing when people see the state of my laundry room. x

  11. I loved the mobiles, specially the woodland creatures one! great store for the little ones (and us adults too!)

  12. Those pompom drums are awesome and I am totally DIGGING the wire trays. I might have to get one of those for myself. 😀

  13. So pretty. I would have to choose a few drums and bins, but I’m having a hard time narrowing them down right now!

  14. Love the navy stripe and speck designs, but I think I’d use the pom pom bins and hampers as cute containers for my plants (to cover their plastic bins of course)! I would also love to gift my girlfriend one of the colorful drums for her new nursery. So sweet!

  15. We’re just setting up the nursery for our first baby due in November – the Persimmon Poppy Bin is just too cute and would be perfect for the space!

  16. Definitely the pom pom drum! I have a baby on the way so these would be perfect!

  17. I love the navy spec drum and the pom pom drum! Would look amazing in my playroom!!

  18. These are so nice. Love the pom poms. The drums and the hampers would be so useful in our house.

  19. I love the hampers. I own the navy stripe and would love Celedon Pencil Lines Hamper in another room!

  20. Love the pom pom and painted dots drums! Although I’d be happy with all of them. 😀

  21. I love the grey and navy spec drums but my favorite are the Pom Pom drums, too cute!

  22. I love the pom pom drum collection! The multicolored is so fun, and the gray is a toned down way to add a touch of whimsy to my space!

  23. I love the Pom Pom drum! And I think I’d get a collection of the tea towels or the tomato throw.

  24. I would love the large Noah’s Ark animal drum to hold the random snarf that ends up in my daughter’s room, and the Celedon Origami Hamper would be beautiful in our master bedroom (much better than our white plastic bin!)

  25. Everything from their site is beautiful!!! I am extra in love with the gorgeous baby blankets…especially the “hi” alphabet blanket 🙂

  26. really cute stuff–the hampers would look stylish in the boys’ rooms and the bins & cubes (yay–grey 3 stripes) are perfect to keep things looking slightly neat. thanks.

  27. pick me, pick me!! obsessed with the POMS!!
    my pick: Pom Pom Drum – Large!

  28. The Blush, Grey or Mist Pom Pom Bin or Pink Strip Bin or Hamper would look great in my kids room to hold all the plush animals and dolls that don’t have anywhere to sleep!
    (And the Pom Pom Pints would be perfect to store craft supplies!)

  29. Love, love the pom pom bins and the hooded towels. I’ve seen store and they are the softest and most delicately crafted pieces of art!

  30. Love the pom pom drums. Those would be a great space saver for my 2 year old’s toys.

  31. I love the drums, perfect for storing all my girl’s dolls and stuffed animals!

  32. I’ve never heard of Pehr before! Thanks for introducing us!
    We’re expecting baby number 4 any day now, so I would love to get some of those cute striped crib sheets and a pompom drum, or one of those sleep sacks!? Or maybe a quilted blanket or hooded towel…and you can never have enough swaddles or bibs with a spit-uppy baby!

  33. I love the alphabet drum! They’re all so cute though. They’d be perfect for my baby girl’s toys and books. Great products!

  34. I love the large grey speck drum, as well as the grey and blush pom pom hampers and all of the above in bins! Then I really like the bone and charcoal trays, but we have to take it one by one!
    Beautiful collection, thanks for introducing!

  35. The Mist Stripe Drum is my favorite, although any combination of drums, cubes, and bins would be welcome in my house!

  36. I love the Pom Pom bin and drums!! There are so many fun patterns to choose from. I didn’t realize that Pehr also makes sleep sacks and tabletop items that are equally as cute as their storage collection!

  37. My husband and I are actually expecting our first child (a girl!) this October. We registered for the Noah’s Ark Hamper at Giggle but would love to win it here! Their stuff is so adorable. 🙂

  38. I’m expecting my first child any day now so it would be amazing to purchase some of Pehr’s baby and nursery items – love the alphabet collection (swaddles! and hampers!)

  39. I love the grey speck and navy stripe drums! The counting sheep mobile is also a favorite!

  40. My absolute favourites are with no doubt the mobiles, I especially love the ”Merry Go Round Mobile” 🙂

  41. I love the polka dot drums and pints. Not just for kids, but also for crafters! I’m imagining some of the yarn I knit with in a cute pink polka dot pint. I really like the persimmon placemats too 🙂

  42. The sleep sacks are adorable, I would love the hi nursery quilt, the tea towels in the weave pattern or any of the drums would brighten up our living space, what a sweet little shop!

  43. I desperately need a bin or something at the base of my stairs to put things in so the next time I go upstairs I can just bring that bin with me rather than making multiple trips or leaning random things all over the stairs. the cubes would be perfect!

  44. going to be a new grandma in the fall. so many adorable baby items to choose from. the mobiles are adorable.

  45. I am decorating a playroom for my son and the Pom Pom bins and drums would be perfect! So colorful!

  46. This is a tough choice – I love the marled wool throws for myself, but I have been looking for a small hamper with a fun design for my children’s rooms, so I have to go with the ric-rac bins for the cute, yet sophisticated color combinations.

  47. We would have to go with the pints and bins storage in stripes or specks! We just moved into a new place and need LOTS more storage. Would put these to good use storing my daughter’s art supplies and toys.

  48. I’ve been eyeing the Pom Pom totes for awhile! Super cute to hold the overflow of books in my daughters rooms.

  49. Loving the merry go round mobile, so colorful and fun…and perfectly matched with a pom pom hamper~

  50. 125 Linda Lane
    I’ve been eyeing Pehr products since putting together my baby boy’s room! Love their Cloud Tomato Railroad Hamper, Persimmon Pencil Lines Hamper and Alphabet Pint.

  51. I love the pom pom drums and especially the large size. I think the alphabet print is my 2nd favorite, with the rainbow stripe as my 3rd choice. Love the bright colors!

  52. Love the Pom Pom drums!! I had not heard of this company, so excited to have found them! Thank you!

  53. We have the Pom Pom and alphabet pints. Love them. But I’d love to own the new stripy drum!

  54. i’ve been wanting those pom pom storage drums for so long! would be great for the play room 🙂

  55. I love the citron Marled Wool Throw – it goes with one of your pillows:) that is in my living room? Thanks for sharing!

  56. Mist Speck drums are beautiful and neutral enough for our shared nursery/bedroom. Just starting to decorate for our little one due in September!

  57. I love all the cute bins – especially the dot and pom-pom prints! Their other stuff is adorable too, I’m crushing on the mobiles, and other nursery accessories.

  58. The pom pom drums are adorable! My kids would fill them up in the blink of an eye 🙂

  59. I’d mix various designs of the storage bins, drums, cubes, and pints on built ins in a playroom! Fun look and clean up is a breeze!

  60. I ADORE the speck drums and the Noah’s Arc drums. I have two babes under 3 and am constantly picking up toys, so those are great. Love the wire basket too for the kitchen or even the dining room. l’d use the sailor stripe hamper for my bedroom. Cute cute cute. Thanks for introducing me to a wonderful site! Bookmarking.

  61. I’ve loved their stuff for awhile, so super excited for this giveaway! I love their storage drums and bins.

  62. I’m currently updating my living room. The Pom Pom and rainbow strip drums would be a cute addition as well as being great storage for my tiny apartment!!

  63. I would LOVE the Pom Pom colorful collection of bins! I love each size but especially the hamper!! Confetti is one of my favorite elements and I love how these each scream celebration even if they are holding mundane items!! It’s always fun to add a little bit more happy to a space!

  64. These would be amazing in my daughters nursery 🙂 I love keeping organized and knowing where her things are. Easier access for her diaper bag.

  65. Would love the Pom Pom or Grey Speck drums… to corral all of my toddler’s toys!!!

  66. Absolutely adore the pompon drums and hamper! The rainbow stripes are also cute-I like the vertical stripes! I definitely have to remember Pehr!

  67. Two new nephews soon to join the family. I love the arrows bunting bag, the pom pom bins and the merry go round mobile. New moms would love any of these darling items as gifts. Thanks for the chance to win!

  68. I’ve learned that my kids love helping me keep things picked up and organized when they have fun bins and baskets to put their things in! The Pom Pom drums are perfect! Love them!

  69. I LOVE the mustard poppy printed one and the pom pom one! Adorable! I’ll take one of everything! ?

  70. I love the grey speck and grey stripe drums. They would go perfectly in my living room, which I am redoing right now.

  71. Stripe drums and Multi Dot Hamper are my favorite. So lovely!!!
    Thank you Joy for this hint 😉

  72. Obsessed with the large Pom Pom drum!! Have loved it since Anthro started selling — so fun + colorful!

  73. Definitely <3 heart the pom pom drums– I mean, how could you not?! I've also been eyeing the Merry Go Round Mobile for the longest time... or at least for the past 9 months since my first baby was born. Perhaps this is the time to get it with that gift card I'm about to win! 😉 ....or the 25%

  74. They have really great stuff! I loved the Chocolate Stripe Bin & the Noah’s ark bin!!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win! I signed up for their newsletter too!:)
    Joey J.

  75. I love the bin with the adorable paper airplane pattern. And I want all the mobiles!!

  76. I love the Pom Pom drum and Alphabet drum!!! Either would go great in my daughter’s nursery 🙂

  77. I love the merry go round mobile and the color Pom Pom mini and the Noah’s Ark Pint.
    We are decorating our baby’s nursery with bright colors and Animals- inspired by the Dots bedding set from the Oh Joy collection by Target. These items fit perfectly in.

  78. i love the drums, but i really need the napkins – we are trying to get away from using paper napkins at home and this would be perfect!!

  79. Oh my, I love Pehr! The blush pom pom bins & drums are so dreamy. I’d love to have them to help organize my daughter’s nursery. Thanks for such a great giveaway, Joy!

  80. I’ve had my eye on these for awhile now. Pom Pom bins would go great transitioning my daughter to her toddler room! Now that we have a newborn too there is always stuff on the floor!

  81. oh i love the speck and the stripe drums! perfect neutral! Of course i love the pom pom ones too because who wouldnt!

  82. Oh man. This is the strangest coincidence.
    I have Pehr Design’s bunny rabbit mobile in my cart in Amazon (just hanging out there waiting until mama can make some money for it 😉 haha). The nursery my mom made for me (her first daughter) was bunny themed (subtly and tastefully… Almost like “Pat the Bunny” in a room). She died two years ago from breast cancer and a couple months ago I had my first daughter. She’s named after my mom and I’m putting her little space together now. I saw that mobile and decided I wanted to save for it! It instantly reminded me of all the sweet thought and charming fun my mom put into my nursery and childhood. Also, as she was dying parts of “The Velveteen Rabbit” meant so much to us. Her hair was rubbing off, eyes getting loose, her body weak… But she was the most beautiful, brave, giving woman until her last breath. Her seven kids have missed her every moment she’s been gone. She was truly magnificent and she’s who we all aspire to be like. I hope my daughter feels like she knows mom through all the stories and memories we get to pass down to her. <3

  83. I’ve been wanting the pom pom drums for a while now. They’re so adorable and they’ll go well with any room!

  84. OH my goodness! I love their designs! I am totally digging the hampers and storage containers, but looks like I could spend a lot of time on their site finding all kinds of cute treasures! :0)

  85. Thanks so much for sharing this company Joy! Would love to furnish my new apartment with their Mist/Citron Chambray Runner and the Persimmon Pencil Line Hamper!

  86. I absolutely love the multi-colored pom pom hamper! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  87. i’ve been searching for some bins exactly like this for the past few weeks. these are perfect!

  88. I love everything, but the pom pom drums are so cute. I really like the napkins too. We are making an effort to use only cloth napkins. Thanks for the chance to win.

  89. I love the drums. I love the pom pom and all the other patterns too. I can see them all over my house in many different patterns. I like to mix and match. MaryJane

  90. Of course I have to say the Pom Pom Drums! They would be perfect in my son’s nursery!

  91. While I love pretty much everything that Pehr offers, my favorite item is their Merry Go Round mobile (and the pillow that coordinates!). We just bought our first house and are currently getting the nursery ready for our little one due in November. Boy or girl, I think baby would love watching this mobile as they grow!

  92. I love love love the pom pom drums! They would be perfect for my daughter’s room to organize her linens and toys!

  93. POM POM DRUMS & ALPHABET CRIB SHEETS are on our wish list!!!! Might have to cave with the discount!

  94. I love the Pom Pom bins. I am eyeballing them up for a baby shower in September!

  95. Love the Pebble Speck Pint and the hampers! The Berry Plum Weave Hamper is so cute.

  96. OMG!!! It’s like how have I lived this long without knowing about these bins!! 🙂 I just upgraded the living room with a lot of your OhJoyTarget line and would love to do away with some of my tired storage bins for my little California apartment! My son has sooo much little stuff here and there!!
    I am LOVING the Pom Pom Large AND small, just because I ADORE anything with color, the more the merrier… and stripes too that are in the photo… But my son LOVES animals, so for him, I’d choose the Noah’s ark too :). OBSESSED!!!!
    Thanks for sharing! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  97. I love the Noah’s ark everything! I’m sure my daughter would love the mobile.

  98. Have registered for and am in love with the Merry Go Round Mobile and the little lamb crib sheet! I love those bins too!

  99. The pom pom motif is my favourite!! Everything on their site is absolutely adorable. Just saw the mobiles….little sheep!! Very cute.

  100. I am in love with the linen and wool blankets. The designs on the napkins are fantastic! And ALL the drum containers are pure storage perfection!

  101. Love everything that Pehr puts out but the Pom Pom collection is the best! Cute and whimsical… I can’t get enough!

  102. Everything Pom Pom! Bins, Drums, Hampers, and Pints!! Now if only there were a matching Cube! Also, really like the Mist/Citron Chambray Runner!

  103. I love the musterd poppy bin. But really got distracted by the nursery sections

  104. The pom pom bins are adorable! I also really love the crib mobiles and the bedding makes me swoon! I’ve been eyeing up the bins & drums for a while now – love them!

  105. The Pom Pom ones are gorgeous and make me smile!! Today has really been a rough day and this giveaway opportunity is making it better. Thank you for hosting such a fun and functional giveaway.

  106. The Navy Speck, the Pom Pom and the Alphabet drums are amaziiiiiing! I LOVE Pehr. I don’t think I can pick a favorite….the three just slay me! I’m all about storage for blankets and toys, and surprisingly we keep running out of bins and drums!! This would be welcome in a house of 4 kiddos!

  107. Love their pom pom hampers..such a fun and cute twist on a typically boring vessel!

  108. I’ve already purchased a few of the Pom Pom pillows and bins for my baby’s nursery and I’m obsessed! Soo many items I love on their website! I think I need the Noah’s Ark Blanket!

  109. I love the Alphabet line! The hooded towel and fitted sheet are super cute for baby! I’d love to have this for my 6 month old to complete her nursery! Thanks for the chance and good luck to all!

  110. The little lamb mobile and the bunny swaddle! 38 weeks pregnant here and I these would be perfect!

  111. So many beautiful things to choose from! I would love the navy speck and grey pom pom drums for my baby girl’s room and navy/mist chambray table runner for myself!

  112. Hands down the pom pom drum is ridiculously cute and I also love their pillows, throws and tea towels♡

  113. All of their drums rock! But my favs have to be the rainbow striped for my rainbow baby and Noah’s ark for my wild child 🙂 Too cute!

  114. LOVE the Alphabet swaddle and crib sheet! (And the Hi blanket goes along perfectly with them!)

  115. Love the Pom Pom hamper in grey for my gender neutral nursery for baby #2 due in a few weeks.

  116. They new drums are super cute. The grey and navy ones goes perfect in our new baby’s room.

  117. I love all Pehr’s storage drums especially the airplane and pinwheel ones. I am also in love with Pehr table linens especially the persimmon colored ones ?

  118. I like the pillows, throws, tablecloths, the drums….I think the list could go on!

  119. So hard to choose! I think I’d have to go with the Pom Pom design–too cute!

  120. Love love love the Pom Pom Drums, both sizes. They’re actually very reasonably priced!

  121. I have three of the multi Pom Pom bins and am excited to order two more with the 25% off code. I also have a couple of the blue Pom Pom minis in our nursery. My next big purchase will hopefully be the alphabet blanket – love it!

  122. I just bought their Pom Pom bin a few days ago! I love it so much, and I’ve had my eye on the matching hamper, so this is the perfect giveaway for me. Crossing my fingers!

  123. Love the whole website! The striped and pom pom storage drums are what I’d choose. But I love the cloth napkins and baby mobiles too!

  124. oh my goodness, any of the mobiles would be precious for our baby boy’s nursery, due in november! i love the woodland creature mobile most of all!

  125. The Pom Pom drum and the Noah’s Ark drum are adorable and would be FANTASTIC for getting many of the toys and stuffed animals off of our girls’ playroom/bedroom floor!

  126. Love all there products hard to pic just one fave, but the cloud/lemon corsica stripe hamper is at the top of my list. So perfect!

  127. I love the pints for my daughter’s room. In fact I think I have more than I know what to do with!

  128. I love the pom pom hamper. I’m expecting a little one in September and it’d be an adorable accent to the baby’s room!

  129. I LOVE the Pom Pom drum! I want to add accents of color to my new baby girls room, this would be perfect.
    I like the mist citron chambray table runner to add some color to my eating area.
    I also like all of the little bins for storage for babys clothing.
    Love their site! Thanks for sharing

  130. the pom pom storage baskets are my favorite! 🙂 I decorated my daughter’s playroom around these baskets!

  131. It’s all amazing!! I love the pom poms and the just hatched collection!

  132. I just recently came across their website in the last month or so and I am in love with everything. I especially want the blush pom pom hamper for my little girls nursery and the little chick mobile.

  133. I love the persimmon poppy bin and the Pom Pom bins, al the colors are fabulous!

  134. I want every single one of the drums. Gray stripe. Navy stripe. Pom poms. Rainbow stripe!!

  135. I love everything but especially the gorgeous sleep sacks! I’m due to have my first baby in October and want to make her life as comfortable and colorful as possible. Thanks for all the inspiration, Joy!

  136. We have probably 5 Pehr blankets but the bug design is my favorite. The blankets are so large and soft and wash so well. I give one as baby gifts often too.

  137. For storage, I love the navy spec drums and pom pom drum medium, and Citron Ink Blot Small Cube
    For pillows, Eggplant Origami Pillow and the small size one, as well as Persimmon Small Origami Pillow
    For baby’s and kids, I love the Noah’s Ark Hooded Towel
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. Give me ALL THE POM POMS [but. for real. so whimsical, would be a surprise to win something so lovely!]

  139. I love the grey Pom Pom hamper for my living room, but the pink stripe for my girl’s room. Thinking we need the hampers for more space! Love the drums too!

  140. I love the Noah’s ark, pompom & alphabet drums! I have them on my land of nod & Nordstrom wish lists!

  141. Anything with Pom Poms are it with me. I think these could be in my family room, or my 8 yo daughters room. The bigger the better to hold throws and pillows.

  142. Everything they have is pretty nice. Hard to decide. I like the speck and stripe drums and the bottle pillows. Very nice design indeed!

  143. I’ve been eyeing those pom pom drums for a few months now, but I also love the mint speckle for my girl’s play room!

  144. I have the crib skirt, the Hi Blanket and the multi stripe drum on my list for my nursery! So obsessed with Petit Pehr.

  145. Been having a hard time trying to choose a hamper, bin and pint for the last few days for my babyboys nursery (due July 17) noticed the give away on Instagram and it would be nice to get that give away. If not that 25% discount code is appreciated. Love all their storage and baby items!!!

  146. I love all the lamb prints but especially the Little lamb crib sheet,
    The Noah’s ark hooded towel, and the Noah’s ark bib!

  147. We are planning on redoing my son’s room with a train theme so I’m loving some of the striped hampers. The bins would be helpful, too.

  148. I love the Pom Pom hampers! My son and daughter share a room and we have paired basic gray chevron and stripes with bright pops of color. This hamper would fit perfectly in their shared room!

  149. I absolutely love the colourful Pom Pom bins large and small. They add so much fun to a room

  150. I love all the variations of the pom pom bins and drums. with two boys, storage is a huge issue here !

  151. We’re doing baby boy’s nursery in the rainbow Pom Pom & Noah’s Ark prints! Need more for his nursery to be complete!

  152. Love the tiny bunny bin and the pom-poms ones and love the bunny mobile! Also the Noah ark drum! What a cool shop!

  153. I would love the woodland animals mobil for my kiddos crib! Oh and love the striped bins and hampers for his nursery.

  154. I love the Pom Pom Bins. They would be perfect for my little ones Jenny Lind Shelf!

  155. The Pom Pom Drum is gorgeous. It is perfect for sitting at the bottom of our stairs as a landing place for all the stuff that belongs upstairs! It’s pretty enough to have downstairs and cute enough to encourage my daughter to put things in it.

  156. Love the rainbow stripe & Pom Pom drums! Second babe is arriving tomorrow-these would make a great addition to his room!

  157. I don’t know where to stop really, but would definitely start with a mix of patterned napkins! Ink blot cubes might be next…

  158. I have been loving yellow hues lately! Citron and gray hamper looks awesome, as well as citron stripe. Pom pom is great for kids rooms! Love the cubes for shelf storage!

  159. I love the bins and the drums in both neutral and pom pom, and the Noah’s Ark hooded towel is too cute!

  160. I love the pom pom bin (for me!), and I’m going to keep my eye on the woodland creatures mobile (pinned for a future nursery…)

  161. Nursery planning has me coveting the grey speck drums, counting sheep mobile, and the Grey/yellow Pom Pom pillow!!! So adorable! Love love love!

  162. I love the colorful pom pom hamper, bin, and drums! I also love the baby chicks pom pom throw! Such cute items!

  163. The Pom Pom drums are adorable and so functional. The hooded towels are very cute as well and would make a great baby gift.

  164. They’re all so lovely it’s so hard to choose! I think encouraging my kids to clear up toys after themselves would be much easier with the alphabet and Noah’s ark drums! Totes adorable!

  165. Oh my! So many beautiful prints it’s hard to choose! But choose I have and my favorites are the Pom Pom hamper and the Noah’s ark drum! Beautiful!

  166. the pom pom drums would be the perfect finishing touch in my baby girl’s nursery!

  167. I want to put those bins all over my house! The blue/red triangles and pebble poppy are my favorites

  168. All of the baby mobiles, drums, crib sheets are adorable! The Corsica throw looks amazing too.

  169. I love the grey stripes and grey dots. I’d love to mix and match a couple to store throw blankets by the sofa in our living room!

  170. I love the pom pom drum and the alphabet one… just to pick some.. but in fact… i love them all !!!!

  171. love the pom pom drum, but i think my cats might destroy that…so i think i would choose the rainbow stripe drum!

  172. All of these are so beautiful! But by far the pom pom bins are my fave–my husband and I had our guests throw pom poms at our wedding as we walked down the aisle, and I live for polka dots (which in my mind are just flat pom poms!) Love love love!

  173. I would love a grey speck drum for my hubby and I (as a laundry hamper) and the Noah’s ark drums for my 2 sons. So cute!

  174. I would love the Pom Pom drums for storing my 1 year
    old’s toys! Love the colors!

  175. I love the sweet mobiles and storage bins! Who doesn’t need more storage?!

  176. With three kiddos under 5, we survive with bins and baskets. I love the patterned bins and drums. The stripes and origami patterns might be my fave, but those pom poms…so cute!

  177. I love the Noah’s Ark print–both the cribs sheets for our little one on due in September and the storage drums. So cute!

  178. love the pom pom and noahs ark drums! would love to have them for all my kids toys 🙂

  179. I have a little girl, but I’d still go for stripes and bugs! Love the classic stripes and the bugs are too cool!

  180. I would definetely choose a baby crib chick sheet and a pompom drum.
    They would look so cute in my children’s room.

  181. Love the noah’s ark drum – my toddler loves her animals and making animal noises!

  182. Love Pehr! The crib sheet and changing pad are in my daughters room and I love them! I’m dying to add the blush Pom Pom hamper!

  183. I love the grey stripe drums, but I would also love one Pom Pom drum just for fun! Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  184. Wow! Everything pehr has is great. I really like the
    Navy stripe drum, Grey Pom Pom hamper, Indigo/grass slubby tea towel, Eggplant pencil lines tea towel, Indigo linen throw and the alphabet hooded towel.

  185. Adorable! I love the pom pom drums and noah’s ark mobile! Everything is so cute though, hard to choose favorites!

  186. I love this giveaway! My favorites are the pink 3 stripe hamper, pom pom hamper, pom pom pillow and the Hi blanket.

  187. I love all the hamper, especially the noah’s ark one. Would be perfect to store my daughter’s toys!

  188. The striped drums would be perfect for corralling toys in our living room!

  189. I love the indego grass railroad hamper and have needed to get a new hamper so badly! I also love all of the different bins, we have one for our daughters toys and it’s perfect!

  190. Is it just me or are their patterns so amazing!? I love the pom pom bin! It would go great in our new nursery!

  191. I love the hedgehog and mouse pillows. So cute and with the fun zigzag design on the back.

  192. The Pom Pom and fawn drums are lovely! As are the kids blankets and “hi” hooded towels… I could list everything on the site! So many beautiful items. Thanks for the chance to enter this competition! Not many competitions open to Australian readers so this is tops!

  193. I love the drums, but the Pom Pom hamper is my favorite 🙂 I’m also impressed with the tabletop selection.

  194. I’d love to pick up a few hampers to store my rolls of crepe paper! I have the grey speck bin (thanks to a subscription box) and love the durability of it. Good stuff!

  195. How do you pick a favorite Pehr!! They are all so unique and amazing. I think I’d have to go with the new drum in a multi colored pin stripe or any of the pom poms because they brighten up any room. They make the perfect gift too. Would have so much fun with $200!!! 🙂

  196. SO much to choose from. BUt I like the pom pom bin and drums, with a dash of pint bins.

  197. I love the pom pom drums, the woodland mobile, and the hooded towels. I could spend a LOT of money on that site!!

  198. I like the Blue/Red Quilted Nursery Blanket and the Grey Pom Pom Hamper! All of the sleep sacks are adorable too!

  199. This could not come at a better time, as I am filling up my baby girl registry with so many of their items! I’m SO EXCITED about the 25% off coupon and have shared it with my family and friends. My favorites are hard to narrow down as we’re registered for about 10 things from there, but my favorites are: the Noah’s Ark mobile, the Pink/Citron Quilted Nursery Blanket, and the Pompom pillow. In fact, the pompom pillow is what kicked off our entire nursery inspiration – I love it so much. Thanks for the fun (and super timely!) giveaway!

  200. The Noah’s Ark print is so cheerful! I love the hampers and bins (and everything else) that have it… such a great burst of colour!

  201. The Alphabet and Noah’s Ark large drums are my favorites! Everything seems to be really well made on this site!

  202. Wow I love their designs it is so hard to chose think my favorite is their gray striped drums 🙂

  203. There are so many great ones! I love the Noah’s ark design for my daughter’s nursery. I would love to win — I definitely need to get things more organized around here! 😉

  204. I think I like the grey spec drum the best, but the blush Pom Pom hamper is a close second!!!

  205. I love the bins and the drums. So many lovely patterns. I love the colors! I would take any of these because I love having storage around the house.

  206. I am completely in love with the Grey Pom Pom Bin, Little Lamb Mobile, and the Charcoal Slub Natural Dobby Napkin!

  207. I’m in the middle of revamping my kid’s you storage and I’d love to use some of those cubes and drums! So darling!

  208. Love love everything. Especially the pom pom bin and drums. Really, anything with pom poms.

  209. Love the mustard hatch hamper and I’m a sucker for anything Pom Pom — love the multi color Pom pom bins and hamper!

  210. So cute! I love the speck and stripe bins, and the painted dot crib sheet is adorable. My little one is due in just over a week, and these cute accessories would be a great touch to her nursery!

  211. The Pom Pom bins. I adore the pom pom trend right now! They would look beautiful in my daughters’ play room.

  212. I like the Pom Pom drum and the Noah’s Ark drum. I also really like that they are made from 100% cotton canvas!

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