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dressing the babe…

Oh Joy Dressing the Babe

Oh Joy Dressing the Babe

Oh Joy Dressing the Babe

Oh Joy Dressing the Babe

Oh Joy Dressing the Babe

What started as a blog series, Dressing the Babe, has now evolved into me putting together fun outfit suggestions for your minis. I'll still post real life outfits of me and my kids when I can, but since putting together kid's outfits is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, I've been sharing lots of outfit flats over on Instagram under #OhJoyDressingTheBabe. Our Creative Producer and Stylist, Julia, hand paints and hand cuts the backgrounds for all them which super cute and a fun thing to see come to life. So watch for them over there where all sources are tagged (just tap for tags on Instagram!)

P.S. I have gotten requests for boy outfits, so I am trying to do more non-girl ones, too ;) 


Sources: Outfit 1 – Raincoat by Nobodinoz, onesie by Oeuf, sneakers by Zara; Outfit 2 – Noe & Zoe top, Childhoods pants, Pons sandals, hair clips by Meri Meri from Lux Tots; Outfit 3 – Target dress (past season), Boden sunglasses, Pitchoun bow, Ouistitine bunny from Bitte, Zuzii shoes; Outfit 4 – romper by Izzy & Ferd, shoes by Toms, vest from Target (past season), bow by June & January.

{Photos by Casey Brodley and Mary Costa, outfit styling by Joy Cho, flat styling by Julia Wester.}


  1. I know you are beholden to your advertisers, but I’m disappointed that a POC role model like you has nothing to say about the week’s events and is carrying on business as usual. (In contrast, check out Design Sponge and Design Mom today). You were really an inspiration for so many POC creatives. But your silence is making me reconsider.

  2. Hi Pooja,
    Thank you for your comment. It’s a completely fair question to ask and let me give you a completely fair answer.
    I tend to process sadness and negative things personally not publicly. Maybe that’s the traditional Asian side of me having being taught not to show pain on the outside…so it is not my initial gut reaction to vent it in a public forum. However, sometimes I feel really compelled to and I have in the past posted about or talked about world events in a way that makes sense for me (a few times actually in the past several months) but in some ways, it’s also very sad to me because if I publicly addressed something terrible that happens in the world, I could pretty much post something every week (or every day).
    I will say something at some point in my own way. I understand how blogging about kids cute outfits or pretty decor can seem pointless when these things occur. But please know that my silence does not mean that it doesn’t affect me or that it doesn’t bother me. I am a person too with children living in this world that is becoming scarier every day.

  3. hi, I’d like to see some boy outfits too! and please, send them my way.. 🙂 xoxo, theo cho

  4. My daughter is turning 18 months tomorrow and I am SO very glad that I came across your blog in the past few months. She just received her Melissa & Doug shopping cart yesterday and totally loves it. I’ll hope she’ll like the Saltwater sandals too (no more Crocs/natives :P) Thank you for sharing all of your creative ideas!


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