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summer project: my bedroom makeover…

Oh Joy Bedroom Makeover

Oh Joy Bedroom Makeover

With summer in full swing, there are a few things I've been putting off FOREVER that I am finally attempting to tackle. One of them is an update to my bedroom. Many years ago, it looked pristine and lovely. But since then, two kids have arrived, my life got busier, and once you stop noticing that your bed frame is still covered in plastic, it just becomes a part of the decor.

As we save for a house, we'll likely be in our current place for another two years at least. So for me, that's enough time to make it worth putting in a little money into making a room that we spend so much time in, feel like a place we want to spend time in. I usually only feel like a room is worth updating if the new pieces you bring in are things that we could take with us to a new house someday. Here are the issues and what I want to fix…

1. Curtains – Remember when chevron was the "it" pattern back in 2010/2011? It's come and gone and while it's not terrible, I'm totally over these curtains. At the time, I couldn't find any chevron curtains that were sheer, so I drew the pattern, had them printed with Spoonflower, then had them sewn to size. What I did not account for when getting these sewn was that curtains need to be wider than your window, not the exact width of your window. So they never actually cover up any light that comes through and it's basically like hanging a handkerchief from a clothesline. So, I'll keep the great curtain rods we have, but update to some darker and thicker curtains that actually fit and block out light.

2. Bedframe and headboard – After getting pregnant with Coco, we upgraded to a king size bed from a queen. I LOVE my bed and probably spend way too much time in it, but we haven't really given the bed a place to rest (bedsides on the floor still covered in plastic). I also had never had a headboard (which feels very grown up) so now's the time to go for it.

3. Wallpaper – My wallpaper is still looking good on that back wall, however, over time some small children (who shall remain nameless) have pulled and tugged on a certain section that has now ripped a good chunk off. It's not worth fixing this or re-wallpapering, so a headboard will be a nice fix to just cover it up.

4. End of Bed Bench – I've always loved how hotels have those benches by the base of the bed that was so useful for getting dressed. And now that Emily Henderson said we all need one, I'm convinced.

5. Rug – I once had a rug in here to help cover the not-so-great grey carpet that is part of our rental. But it was super old and slowly got eaten by moths. So an upgrade would be good here.

Ok, so that's my plan. I know I could have waited to show you this before and after all in the same post. But by putting this out there, it's giving me more encouragement to get to work on this room!


  1. Sounds like a big project Joy but glad to see you have a plan of action. Good luck updating the room. Can’t wait to see the after pics 🙂

  2. Depending of if you place the bed onto an actual bedframe (or not), you’ll probably have to cut the legs of the end of bed bench. I’ve seen beautiful and simple ones on Pinterest. I’m sure you’ll find one that will fit the vibe of the room. -S

  3. Joy, I love that you show that your a real person, and things aren’t always instagram perfect (especially with kids!)- THANK YOU for being you! :ox

  4. I know what you mean about the headboard and feeling grown up! Sadly, the hunt for a headboard is still on my long to-do list.

  5. I didn’t know chevron was “out”. May be as I live in the middle of nowhere, and we’re behind. 🙂
    All the best for your room makeover!

  6. I love anything interior design-ie! I’m excited to see the after. I put my room off forever too and had bare walls for years! It just became the norm until a friend said in a serious tone ‘you really need to do something about this room’ so i did! There’s still finishing touches that i want doing but i dont think i’ll ever really finish my room. I think things can always be updated so you never fully feel finished. Look forward to the final result.
    KP x

  7. I love this -keeping it real – instead of always perfectly styled rooms. It’s always such a challenge for interior & style bloggers.

  8. Oh my! I absolutely love this image!
    Joy, can I ask if your new curtains will be fitted to the length of the window or longer like the ones you have now? Here in Japan people prefer fitted curtains which do not extend very far below the window or drag on the floor. I am always a bit torn when deciding. I suppose your headboard will also be a factor.

  9. Hi Jul!
    Funny, I was just thinking about how that’s the one part I haven’t figured out yet! I don’t know!! I am torn too. We are adding a headboard so I worry that shorter curtains will create another horizontal block over the headboard.
    Decisions, decisions! 😉

  10. Hi Joy! This post literally just gave me hope for my life-and my bedroom. Mine is still full of my “my first place” IKEA stuff, two homes and two kids later!
    Can’t wait to see what you do. Also I’ve been in my house 4 years and still can’t commit to curtains.

  11. Hi Joy! Good luck with your makeover. We kept our box springs in plastic for a year and afterwards discovered a staggering range of colours on the bottom of our mattress. It was MOLD. Mattresses need to breathe and they can’t if there’s plastic there. Terrifying!!!


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