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a chic little tray…

a chic little tray

a chic little tray

A tray is one of those pieces that adds an extra decorative (and functional) detail to any corner of your home…on a coffee table, on top of a dresser, or even a side table. We made this simple and chic version using just a handful of materials. So if you need an easy little addition to your tabletop, make this little tray! Here's how…

You'll need:

bamboo basket lid

veneer edging

wood glue

flexible copper piping

copper cutter

– white acrylic paint

gorilla glue

a chic little tray

Here's how:

1. Measure the veneer edging around the raised edge on the bottom of the tray so that you have enough to make a full closed loop. Cut two strips of veneer at this length.

2. Paint both of the veneer strips white. Let dry 10 minutes and apply a second coat if needed.

3. Once the paint has fully dried, begin to glue one of the veneer strips around the raised edge of the lid using wood glue, with the white side facing in. 

4. Use wood glue to glue the second veneer strip back to back, with the white side facing outwards. Let dry 30 minutes. (It may be helpful to clamp the two pieces together until dry using binder clips.) 

5. Use copper cutter to cut two pieces of the piping to 8 1/2" long each.

6. Bend copper to create the handles for the tray – make sure they're tall enough to comfortably grip without the veneer edging getting in the way – about 3" high.

7. Use gorilla glue to attach the copper handles to the tray. Let dry 1 hour.

a chic little tray

{Photos by Casey Brodleystyling by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong. Props in photos include: Justina Blakeney wallpaper, Jenny Vorwaller painting, World Market paper weight; Paper Source paper, Leif tea towel, Leif coasters, Anthropologie napkin, Leif tea towel, Anne & Kate glitter stirrers, vintage glasses.}



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