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oh joy is 11 years old!

oh joy is 11!

oh joy is 11!

11 years ago, I started a blog called "Oh Joy" just for fun. I thought maybe some of my friends and my mom might read it. 2005 were the early days of blogging and the internet. It was before there were a ton of social media sites, and it was before anyone was worried about their personal brand. I didn't think that any real people—people that I didn't know in real life—would care about anything I had to say. Thank goodness I was wrong. Having this tiny place on the internet to share my vision and ideas with you has brought me so much inspiration, so much joy, and such a sense of community from those of you that I have never met.

I always say that the internet allows regular people like you and me who want to say something or share something to share their view and voice with the world. It gives us all an opportunity. Starting this blog completely changed the direction of my career from something very planned into something completely different, unplanned and a mix of work that I never expected to be able to do, but am completely grateful for. 

As we reach 11 years of Oh Joy this month, I wanted to say thank you for following along here for however long or short you have been. Your support and love means the world.

P.S. Last year, I did a recap of the previous 10 years which was fun to look back on…

{Photos by Casey Brodleystyling by Julia Wester}


  1. Yours is one of the first blogs I’ve ever read. As luck would have it, I started reading around the time you started blogging (you were still talking about your engagement!). I can’t believe it’s been this long but have enjoyed following your journey. Can’t wait to see what’s to come! (Also, can’t wait for my Oh Joy! for Target order to get here!)


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