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happy friday + taking the leap…

Oh Joy Palm Springs

Oh Joy Palm Springs

I always tell people to take chances in life…that you can never be 100% sure about the outcome of anything, but you just have to go for it. We're in the process of getting a new studio…and while it's exciting to start fresh and grow into a new space, it's also scary. I remember that feeling three and a half years ago when I left my home studio for a real life office space. And then when we expanded our one space into two spaces last year. And now, here we are (again) expanding for growth and all the things we can do with a new space. It always works out in the end, but boy does that leap of faith give me all those nervous butterflies, too. You can't fly if you don't try, right?!

{Photos by Casey Brodley}


  1. I wish you every kind of success in this new studio !
    I love this blog and your creativity. I’m never disappointed. I don’t live in the US, but there is a possibility for my family to move there in a few months, and I plan on splurging on Oh Joy products at Target. They better stock up, I’m coming !

  2. Hey Joy! Just today an Instagram friend told me to read your post… and I loved it!!! Deeply! I’m two stages behind, tomorrow I’m moving my house-studio to an actual office hahahaha I posted about it in my own blog. Talking about coincidences! I wish you the best! With a good attitude and a good spirit (such as yours), everything is possible! Godspeed and have a great weekend 🙂

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  4. SO GREAT TO HEAR! Keep going! I’ve been along for just about your entire ride and it’s such an inspiration to watch you grow your family, products/services, office space and business! Onward and upward! 🙂


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