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a balloon bouquet for mother’s day!

a balloon bouquet for mother's day

a balloon bouquet for mother's day

Mother's Day is next weekend! If you're looking for something fun to give that special mama in your life, why not combine two of the most festive things to give—flowers and balloons—into one very special balloon bouquet! Here's how we made this one…

a balloon bouquet for mother's day

You'll need:

mylar balloons
helium tank
– string
– green streamers
– acrylic paint
– scissors
– paint brushes
– tape

a balloon bouquet for mother's day

1. Before inflating the balloons, use acrylic paint to create an abstract floral pattern on the balloon. But you could paint anything you want on it! Let paint dry for 30 minutes.
2. Cut a strip of streamer about 2 feet long, and fold over one edge about a 1/2". This helps to make it thicker and keep the streamer from ripping as you wind it around the string.
3. Cut thin strips to make fringe out of the streamer, leaving the other 1/2" side uncut.
4. Inflate your balloons with helium and attach the string.
5. Using a tiny piece clear tape, tape the fringe to the top of the string, with the fringe facing up towards the balloon.
6. Wind the fringe around the string in a diagonally downwards motion until you reach the end. Secure with another piece of tape.
7. Finally combined a few of your hand-painted balloons with her favorite flowers for a bouquet full of whimsy that she'll love!

a balloon bouquet for mother's day

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, and crafting by Jess Hong. Mural by Kim West.}


  1. Beautiful idea!! I love the idea and look of balloons but they’re soooo bad for the environment. Are there no eco-friendly balloon options available?

  2. Hi Natalie,
    The acrylic does stay on and doesn’t flake! They should last for as long as the balloons stay inflated.


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