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dressing the guys!

dressing the guys!

dressing the guys!

We have so much fun getting dressed up and showing off the style of all the girls at the Oh Joy office with Dressing the Team that I wanted to change it up this month with a special edition of…Dressing the Guys! Whether it's a friend, boyfriend, husband, or brother, guys need a little help in the style department, too! One thing I have learned about guys' style is that they tend to prefer staples and are willing to spend a little more money on a quality piece that will last for a while versus shopping a ton of cheaper fast fashion. So we kindly asked the guys in our lives to come and show us how they'd wear this versatile denim jacket from Apolis. See how they wore it!

dressing the guys!

Tim is Courtney's brother and a commercial director. He would wear this outfit to an industry event or a date night out with his girlfriend. This jacket add a touch of prep to his edgy style.

Tim is wearing a Jack Spade shirt, Levi's jeans, and Allen Edmond shoes.

dressing the guys!

Mark is Angie's husband, father of two boys, and teaches instrumental music to 5th and 6th grade students. He would wear this outfit to school, the farmer's market, and the brewery. He loves that this jacket is casual yet makes him feel more dressed up when needed.

Mark is wearing a Hurley/Nike t-shirt, RIPcurl watch, Vans pants, and Thom Browne shoes. 

dressing the guys!

Tyler is Jess' boyfriend, and a TV animation director. He would wear this look to work or out with friends. Since Tyler has a slim build, he also likes wearing it fully buttoned up for a more formal look.

Tyler is wearing a Target t-shirt, Uniqlo pants, and Greats shoes.

dressing the guys!

Dave is Julia's husband, father of one girl, and

a reality TV sound mixer. He would wear this outfit to the museum on the weekend with his family or to the movies for a date night out with Julia! He also likes that he can throw the jacket on during a morning walk with their family dog, Tuna.

Dave is wearing a Boden shirt, Quicksilver shorts, and Vans shoes.

dressing the guys!

Bob is my husband, father of two girls, and a pediatric orthopedic surgeon for a charity hospital. He would wear this outfit to work to see patients or for a dinner out with friends.

Bob is wearing a gingham shirt from Suit Supply, tweed pants from Bonobos, boots from Allen Edmonds, and belt by Apolis.

All guys are wearing an Apolis jacket.

{Photos by Casey Brodley 


  1. LOVE THIS!!! Can this be a regular? I love how their individual personalities come through in the photos.

  2. Thanks Yungbi! So glad you liked it!
    It’s logistically hard to make this a regular series since they don’t work at our office and have such different work schedules to get them all together to take the photo…but perhaps they can do another in the future! We’ll see 😉

  3. Thanks for the personal response Joy! Keep up the great, inspirational work. I live vicariously through you.
    – yungbi
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