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from fabric to room…

from fabric to room / oh joy!

from fabric to room / oh joy!

Have you ever come across a great piece of fabric and didn't know what to do with it? Let it inspire you to create a color palette for a space in your home!

from fabric to room / oh joy!

Here are some tips for going from fabric to room:

1. Decide what colors from the fabric you'd like to bring into your room. From this fabric swatch, we focused on a few colors to establish the color scheme—peach, orange, yellow, and green. 

2.Take the fabric shopping with you. If you're creating a new room and need to purchase a few items, bring the swatch with you for color reference to match/complement the new pieces you're getting.

3. Keep large furniture neutral. If you're going to play with fun color combos, keep the couch neutral and added the pops of color in the wall prints and the accessories. 

4. Incorporate your inspiration piece if you can! Since a yard of vintage fabric inspired this room, we had enough to turn into a pillow and put it back into the room that inspired it. You can do the same if it's a piece of art, cover of a magazine, or anything else that can turn into decor.

from fabric to room / oh joy!

from fabric to room / oh joy!

Items shown: Benjamin Moore Salmon Peach, Benjamin Moore Dusk Pink, Amazon disco ball, Urban Outfitters gold planter, vintage rug, Modernica daybed, Anthropologie shag pillow, vintage velvet pillow, Lorena Canals blanket, Max Wanger beach print, Jenny Vorwaller large abstract painting, Jenny Vorwaller small abstract painting, Randal Ford llama print, vintage lamp, Natti Natti floor pillow, Modernica Props table, Nomah Project hat, Arro Home ottoman.

{Photos by Casey Brodley. Prop styling by Julia Wester, Assistant styling by Jess Hong.}

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