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my favorite summer sandals…

my favorite summer sandals

my favorite summer sandals

In the last few year, I've really began to appreciate the quality of shoes and buying ones that will last longer over time instead of cheap ones that wear out in just a few weeks. I am certainly in the stage of my life where shoes (and handbags) are worth spending a little more on then when I was in my twenties.

So, as I am sharing some of My Favorite Summer Sandals today, I am putting it out there up front that these are not cheap shoes. There are a range of prices shown, but nothing here is considered fast fashion (but they also aren't as expensive as Jimmy Choo's ;). I have personally worn all of these brands and am sharing my favorites that I would spend money on and put on my feet! Take a look…


Marais — If you follow me on Instagram Stories and when I share my outfit of the day, 3 times out of 4, I am wearing Marais sandals. They are my go-to sandals in the summer for work and for life because they are chic, yet totally comfortable.

Charlotte Stone — For a multi-color splash of fun on your feet, Charlotte Stone has you covered. These shoes are great quality and easy to wear while still feeling like you got a very unique pair of shoes.

Loeffler Randall — For work or dressier occasions, Loeffler Randall is my go-to. They are so strong at perfect little detail and colors that stand out yet go with everything.

Olive & June — Known as the coolest of nail salons in Los Angeles, Olive & June recently launched the Saturday Sandal which not only makes for the perfect sandal to wear after a pedicure, but also makes for a great summer flat for the beach or weekend errands. Plus, you can tie the sandal straps a ton of different ways.

Pons — These are a comfy go-to shoe all summer long when you need to run after your kids or go in and out from the water but you don't want to wear rubber flip flops.

Zuzii — Zuzii has been one of my favorite kids shoes brands for years, and they now carry womens' sandals and clogs that I just love. 

Bryr — Bryr specializes in clogs and makes custom colors based on each seasons style. I've had them in two-toned versions which take the look of the clog up to the next level.



  1. I agree that’s it’s worth spending more on good shoes that will last. Caroline, Thanks for pointing out good shoes that will last many people of all ages need and want comfortable shoes. If only shoe manufacturers would appreciate this business opportunity.


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