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let’s discuss: on surprises…

Oh Joy / Surprises

Oh Joy / Surprises

Recently, I went to a surprise party for a friend's birthday. I LOVE going to surprise parties as I love the expression on people's faces when they walk in when they are truly surprised and that joy on their faces to be surrounded by so many loved ones. As someone who has thrown surprise parties and has been surprised as well, I've found that some people love it and some people hate it. Also, there are some people that CANNOT BE SURPRISED. They always know even though they pretend not to. 

For me, I totally love surprises. But I also find that I am hard to surprise because I am very aware of when people are being sneaky. I knew the day my husband was planning to propose because of all the weird things he did…I knew something was off. He doesn't want to believe that I knew ahead of time, but I totally sensed it.

So, I'm curious…do YOU like surprises? And have you been able to be surprised before?


  1. I was the same way when my husband proposed. I knew something was up because the plans for the day changed and he invited me out for fancy dinner last minute. But he was SO calm throughout dinner that I then convinced myself it wasn’t going to happen. So I let my guard down, and then he pulled out the ring and I WAS surprised! So much so, that I said, “Yes! Yes!”, called him a butthead and punched him in the arm (for surprising me afterall).

  2. I enjoy surprises but I can usually find stuff out to spoil it. My brother and I would tell each other what we got each other for Christmas each year. We were terrible with that! I was however very surprised when my husband proposed. He played the whole “we won’t get engaged for awhile” bit for months leading up to it. Made it worth the short amount of time I did wait!

  3. I think one thing everyone knows about me is that I hate surprises. The idea of being thrown off guard terrifies me! Some may say it’s exciting but not for me. My bridesmaid threw me a surprise bridal shower with the help of my then fiancé. He told me to get ready for brunch with his parents so I just casually put on tshirt and jeans, he insisted on me dressing up a little more but I was like come on I’ve known them for 10 years I don’t think they would care. I showed up with a messy bun, barely any make up, t shirt and jeans to my surprise bridal shower. The pictures has me looking horrified and a hot sweaty mess! Of course my bridesmaids surprised me the most thoughtful and beautiful shower, I just wish I looked the part!

  4. I can never see surprises coming. One year in college on my actual birthday, my friend asked me to swing by her dorm room after work. I walked in, still in Weinerschnitzel uniform, and everyone started singing Happy Birthday. All I could think was, “I’VE WALKED INTO SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY. HOW EMBARRASSING.” So I started singing happy birthday with them, looking around to get a clue as to whom it was. Then I saw the cake with my name and it clicked.

  5. I threw my mom a surprise birthday party when I was still in middle school, which was very successful.
    She, in turn, threw me one after we moved to another state for my senior year of high school. I was in a bad mood that day and refused to change clothes to “go out to eat”.
    So, I ended up being very surprised indeed, looking like a bum, at my birthday party. It was fun, nevertheless.
    I actually really do love a good surprise – giving AND receiving. Being prepared is nice, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise, right?

  6. I love being surprised on one condition: that I know what to wear! I learned my lesson my freshman year of college. A guy asked me on a date to a “surprise restaurant” and I didn’t think to ask about outfit style ahead of time. I wore my new shorts + and tank top, and he took me to a five star restaurant where everyone was in dresses and suits! I felt out of place and was a little embarrassed, but I’m grateful to have the funny story now. ?
    Basically if someone gives me the basic gist of what to wear beforehand so I match the setting, I’m all about surprises!

  7. I like to say that I love PLANNED SURPRISES! As in – I love being surprised as long as it doesn’t completely alter plans I had in my mind, and was ready for the day. I’m a total planner, so it messes with my head when timing goes completely different than I had planned. But like if it’s my birthday and I know to be free all day,8i love the day to be full of surprises! So I don’t know if that counts as a real surprise, but I kind of count it as a planned surprise. I’m also pretty suspicious and aware of things so I’ve definitely ruined my own surprise parties at times!

  8. I like being surprised if I have no idea that I’m going to be surprised. I don’t like being told or tortured with the fact that I’m going to get a surprise. I love it when people totally get me out of nowhere!

  9. I love love love surprises. But if I ever find out about a surprise my mind goes WILD. Like if I’m on my way home and my husband says he got me a surprise I automatically think it’s a puppy or a car….. it’s usually just a candy bar or something small, so I set my self up for being disappointed… but I am still thankful for the surprise…… It’s probably not the bestt cycle I put myself through!

  10. Omg I also knew when my husband was going to propose because both him and my mom were acting weird ?? I also love being surprised but no one has yet to fully surprise me because I to am always aware when people get sneaky around me lol My family always gets so upset when I ask questions or ruin surprises, but I can’t help it! Hahaha

  11. Shhhhhh… I always sense it too, but I play along because I don’t want anyone to feel bad. I don’t like being surprised though. Total control issues. 😉

  12. So one of my funniest moments in life was when my family and friends threw me a surprise housewarming party a few years back. Pretty much oblivious to all the signs! Went out for dinner with my bestie and then as we approached my door I heard some noise, so I thought it was my boyfriend having some friends over – so I threw open the door and pretended to be annoyed and yelled “what the hell is going on here!” to a condo full of all of our nearest and dearest. Crickets. To top it all off – my mouth was stained blue from one of the after dinner candies I took from the resto. It was my brother who finally broke the silence with “why is your mouth all blue?”. My bestie felt bad for letting me walk into the situation looking like a crazy person but she didn’t know I had popped the candy in! Turned out to be a great party after everyone realized I wasn’t angry and I had brushed my teeth lol! That party and my engagement were the best surprises ever!


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