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happy friday + be amazing…

Oh Joy! Be Amazing

Oh Joy! Be Amazing

Every so often, you witness another parent do something that just sticks with you. My friend Audrey gave me the idea for "Choose Your Own Adventure", and it's often something so simple like this that means so much to kids. I recently noticed a dad at school telling his daughter, "Be great" before he kissed her goodbye in the morning. It was short and sweet, but the way in which he said it had so much meaning. I will happily be inspired by other parents to create a version for my own kids. So now, every morning when I drop my kids off at school, I have started to give them a positive message like that before I say goodbye.

I'll say, "Be amazing", "Be Fantastic", "Be Silly", or any other adjective that gives them that sunshine to head into their own adventure for the day.

Ruby has loved it, and now says back to me, "Mommy, be amazing at work today!"

And I reply, "I will!"

{Photo by Morgan Pansing}


  1. We’ve been incorporating this ritual as well and just this morning I said “seize the day” to my 6-year-old daughter. She replied “sneeze the day, mama achoo!” and we both laughed. It was cute.


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