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5 ‘Girl Power’ Books for Kids…

5 'Girl Power' Books for Kids... / via Oh Joy!

5 'Girl Power' Books for Kids... / via Oh Joy!

As the mom of two girls, I am always on the lookout for great books that show my girls examples of amazing women in the past, present, and future. Here are a few of my favorites for young kids (both boys and girls) that emphasize girl power!

1. Little Feminist book set, 2. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, part 1 and part 2, 3. Little People, Big Dreams series (like Rosa Parks and Coco Chanel), 4. She Persisted, 5. My First Book of Girl Power.


  1. I got the Little Feminist books from a co-worer for my daughter when she was born and I love them! They are so fun! I’ve been eyeing the Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls-maybe when she is a tad older-but it doesn’t mean I can’t add it to her library now. I just started making another list so now it looks like I have a few more to add!
    Thanks so much for sharing-always looking for sweet things for my little one.
    xo Allison

  2. We went and picked up one of the Little People, Big Dreams books at the library after I saw this, the Audrey Hepburn one…. and THANK YOU! My little girl (20 months) keeps grabbing it over and over for us to read her, and I’ve already placed a hold on all the other titles my library has, plus a few of your other recommendations. I love being able to read to her about famous women who did something great!


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