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Making Wishes with Kids / Oh Joy!

Making Wishes with Kids / Oh Joy!

Sometimes on Instagram Stories, I'll share little activities or things I do with my kids that you guys ask details about afterwards. So I wanted to start sharing them here on the blog, too, so they can have a place to live on forever.

While we were in Hawaii, my kids loved passing by fountains and throwing in coins to make wishes. Kids' wishes are so simple and pure and mine often said they wanted to fly or wanted to see a rainbow. So, inspired by my kids' love of making wishes in fountains and my friend, Max Wanger's "dreams list" he wrote with his son recently, I asked my girls to write down their wishes. Well, actually, this is just Ruby's since Coco can't write more than her name right now. But, if you have a kid who doesn't yet write, you can also ask them to tell them to you and write for them. The fun thing about this exercise is they get to think about actual things they wish for as well as things outside of the scope of the real world. Because to kids, those lines are so blurred right now. Anyway, for those of you with kids or nieces/nephews, kids you babysit…try it out! It would be fun to make these Wish Lists regularly and watch how they change over time!


  1. Very impressive! My son is almost four (and totally brilliant IMHO) so it seems we’d better get cracking 🙂

  2. I’ve done something similar with my son and first on the list is always a cat 🙂 Looking forward to you sharing more of these kinds of things.

  3. Haha! Yes she has been writing for a couple years now! But I don’t think I have shared that before 😉
    Welcome back! 😉

  4. frame these! i think i saved 90% of my now 16 year old’s “writing” from age six and under. too precious to let go of….and is ruby spelling perfectly or do you help?


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