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a snack table makeover!

Colorful Snack Table Makeover DIY / via Oh Joy!

Colorful Snack Table Makeover DIY / via Oh Joy!

Happy Monday! Today, we have a super cute way to transform a simple Ikea side table! It's makes for a handy snack table (because everyone needs one of THOSE!) or little coffee table to put next to your couch or bed. 

Colorful Snack Table Makeover DIY // Before and After / via Oh Joy!

We started with a simple black table (shown above!), but wanted to add some color and life. So we spray painted it and added a pretty insert with leftover fabric scraps. Here's how you can make your own…

Colorful Snack Table Makeover DIY / via Oh Joy!

You'll need…
acrylic circle
– fabric (we used vintage fabric we already had on hand)
mod podge
foam brush
fabric marker
– scissors
spray paint primer
spray paint
polyacrylic spray

Colorful Snack Table Makeover DIY / via Oh Joy!

Here's how…
1. Remove the table base from the legs and spray with primer. Let dry for 10 minutes.
2. Spray with spray paint and let dry 10 minutes between each coat.
3. To finish, spray with polyacrylic spray and let dry 30 minutes. Reattach base to legs.


4. Lay your fabric out flat and place a pre-cut acrylic circle over the section you'd like to cut out. The size of the circle is meant to fit inside the table's top, so you'll have to measure and get that size ahead of time.
5. Trace circle with fabric marker.
6. Cut out along traced line.
7. Paint a thin layer of mod podge directly onto the acrylic and lay fabric over, working on a small section at a time. Let dry for 15 minutes. This will allow the fabric to stick to the acrylic and stay smooth.
8. Flip over and place acrylic circle into the bottom of your table top.

Colorful Snack Table Makeover DIY / via Oh Joy!

Because the pattern or fabric is your own, you can always swap it out with something different every few months!

Colorful Snack Table Makeover DIY / via Oh Joy!

While this makes for a handy coffee or side table, we love the idea of stocking it up with some of your favorite go-to snacks! Go sweet with gummies and Pocky or more healthy with dried fruit and nuts in glass canisters!

Sources shown: Benjamin Moore Misty Teal paint, Target bookshelf, Ikea blue glass canister, Anthropologie marbled planter, Kikkerland ceramic pinata, Tictail dotted planter, Lulie Wallace floral painting, Target elephant figurine, Target giraffe figurine, Britt Bass abstract print, Target blue wooden box (past season), The Social Type speckled box, Gray Malin beach print, Lamps Plus floor lamp, Ikea white table, West Elm flamingo figurine, Michaels gold basket (past season), Savannah Hayes green & white blanket, Target pink shag blanket, Arro Home yellow throw blanket, Nomah Project circle purse, Lorena Canals rug, Arro Home rainbow pillow, Oh Joy x Cloth & Co. settee, Sugar & Cloth pink snack bowls, Target glass canisters, Eric Trine woven leather chair.

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling by Wilmarose Orlanes, styling assistance by Jess Hong.


  1. Hi Joy
    I am very curious about that picture on the wall. It looks so fun and playful but I can’t figure out what it is? is it something that you made?


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