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Wood Block Bud Vase DIY…

Wood Block Bud Vase DIY / via Oh Joy!

Wood Block Bud Vase DIY / via Oh Joy!

Bud vases are such a fun way to add a splash of color to the home while housing smaller flowers that don't necessarily fit in larger vases. I love sprinkling them throughout the room to add tiny bursts of sunshine, or grouping them together like we did here to make a statement for an entire table. So today, we're showing you how you can make your very own this summer using…wood blocks! You can paint them any color you wish, play with size and shape, and even add fun gold detailing. Here's how…

Wood Block Bud Vase DIY / via Oh Joy!

You'll need…
– Wood blocks (rectangle, cube)
test tubes
– electric drill
– drill bit
spray paint primer
acrylic paint (we used Beach Glass, Summer Haze, and Pea Shoot)
metallic tape


Here's how…
1. Drill a hole into the wooden block wide enough to fit the test tube, and deep enough so that only about 1/4" of the tube sticks out of the top.
2. Spray paint each block with primer. Let dry for 20 minutes.
3. Divide your blocks evenly between the three colors and paint. Let dry for 10 minutes and paint another coat if needed. Let dry another 20 minutes.
4. Add a small strip of metallic tape to a few of the blocks for a little shimmer.
5. Put a test tube into each block and fill with one floral stem each!

Wood Block Bud Vase DIY / via Oh Joy!

Here we've lined them up all in a row for a beautiful focal point for a table to welcome guests. But you could also spread them out in smaller clusters throughout your home. I love that bud vases make it easy to display flowers without having to have expert arranging skills!

Wood Block Bud Vase DIY / via Oh Joy!

Wood Block Bud Vase DIY / via Oh Joy!

Plus, with wood blocks, you can paint them any color you like! 

Sources shown: Benjamin Moore Marshmallow Bunny paint, Target bookshelf, Kendall Kirk girl painting, vintage brass duck, vintage green pitcher, vintage brass citrus, Anthropologie yellow glasses (past season), vintage colored glasses, Simply Grove pink planter, Target gold geo (past season), vintage ceramic trophy, Anthropologie candle, Target yellow rug (past season), Ikea multi-color rug, Ikea table, Arro Home napkins, Ikea bench, Pom Pom at Home throw blanket, Target chairs,  Arro Home round pillow, Max Wanger ice cream print,Eric Trine plant stand, Target lamp (past season).

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling by Wilmarose Orlanes, Crafting by Jess Hong.}  



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