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an easy rainbow floral arrangement



We recently made this simple, but beautiful, arrangement for a video because it's so perfect for any last-minute gathering. If you're not super comfortable arranging florals, this is an easy way to make a statement with simple white flowers that doesn't require any florist skills! The trick is to use clear glass vases and then dye the water different colors so that it makes a rainbow effect! Here's how…

Rainbow Vases DIY... / via Oh Joy!

You'll need…
– clear glass vase (short, medium/tall)
– water
food dye
– white flowers (carnations, daisies, mums, etc.)
– funnel
– pitcher/large jar
– bamboo skewer


Here's how…
1. In a pitcher, mix water with a small drop of food coloring at a time to make sure you get the exact shade you want. It helps to put a small dab on the end of a skewer and mix.
2. Using the funnel, pour water into the vase. We had 12 vases and filled three vases per color (one of each height).
3. Repeat with each additional color you'd like to make.
4. Remove all the leaves from your flowers so that you have clean stems.
5. Add one or two flowers to each vase, then line then up as a centerpiece on a dining table or on a buffet table.

Rainbow Vases DIY... / via Oh Joy!

P.S. SURPRISE! If you leave them in long enough, the flowers will absorb the cool coloring and the petals will change colors, too!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling by Wilmarose Orlanes, styling assistance and crafting by Jess Hong.



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