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how to dress “fancy casual”…

How to Dress "Fancy Casual"... / via Oh Joy!

How to Dress "Fancy Casual"... / via Oh Joy!

The other day, our Interim Creative Producer, Wilmarose, said to me: "You do fancy casual really well. You should do a blog post about that!" I had never heard that phrase before but it was a really great description of how I like to dress on most days. Something sparkly and special mixed with something more laid-back and comfortable. So, inspired by that conversation, here are a few of my favorite "Fancy Casual" looks and how I mix the pieces together to be both fun, yet special…

The key to "Fancy Casual" is to pick one piece that feels special and stand out. It's often going to be a piece that you normally think is too nice to wear to work/brunch/in the daytime, but that's where the casual part helps to offset it and make it totally wearable.

How to Dress "Fancy Casual"... / via Oh Joy!

Comfy Glam 
Fancy = silver skirt
Casual = novelty tee

I bought this skirt last year thinking I'd only wear it for a holiday party or something else very special. But then that feels like a waste of money to get only a little life out of a very fun piece! So I paired it with a fun tee for both the comfort of it, a pop of color, and it's ability to make a statement. Together, the outfit is fun but not overly dressy.

Comfy Glam: t-shirt (past season), Anthropologie skirt (past season), Marais shoes (past season).

How to Dress "Fancy Casual"... / via Oh Joy!

How to Dress "Fancy Casual"... / via Oh Joy!

Diva Denim 
Fancy = lacy white top, heels and sparkly socks
Casual = overalls

You might recognize this top from our last Dressing the Team post! Even thought I got it on sale, I spent more on it then I would normally spend on a top. I have since worn it to a bridal shower, but I wanted to extend it's life and be able to wear it more often, too. So I paired it with my go-to pair of overalls which tones it down a lot. Then, I added one more bit of fancy with the gold heels and sparkly socks!

Diva Denim: Cynthia Rowley top, Target overalls (past season), x Richer Poorersocks, Loeffler Randall heels.

How to Dress "Fancy Casual"... / via Oh Joy!

Tropical Rockstar
Fancy – tiered dress, pink shiny boots
Casual – white denim jacket

Wearing a denim jacket over any outfit has always been a go-to way to dress down anything. This time, I opted for white denim to keep it more crisp while allowing the jacket to offset the flouncy and fun dress. To make the outfit a little edgy, I added ankle boots in a fun color that brings the fancy into everyday.

Tropical Rockstar: Anine Bing jacket (past season), Cynthia Rowley dress, Anine Bing boots.

{Photos by Lily Glass. Outfit styling by Joy Cho.


  1. I’ve been told for so many years where am I going, why am I so dressed up and to me it’s a casual outfit. For now on I’ll say, “it’s fancy casual”.

  2. I wear overalls all the time but normally with a striped or fitted tee. Today, I wore a flutter top underneath and it was a game changer! Feel so much more put together. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


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