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how to grow a dream team!

NEW Online Class: How to Grow a Dream Team with Joy Cho of Oh Joy
NEW Online Class: How to Grow a Dream Team with Joy Cho of Oh Joy
For those of you who have small business or are leaders at your company, we just launched something VERY EXCITING…my new online class "How To Grow a Dream Team"! If you’ve been wanting to take your business to the next level by hiring a team OR if you already have a team that you need to make stronger, I'm here to help.

As a small business owner or leader at a company, hiring your first employee can be scary. And then, if you decide to hire your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. With every new employee, you are giving yourself a chance to grow your business, but you’re also taking a financial risk and holding the responsibility of someone’s pay check in your hands. Once you decide you need to hire, how do you find the right people who will complement your skills and stick with you as your business grows? 
This is my personal take on hiring the right people for your business. It's not just about how to find great people who do great work, but also about how to keep great people who do great work, how to inspire them, lead them, and how to create something they want to be a part of. Here's a peek…

Join me in this class as I help you to grow your very own Dream Team. I am SO proud of this and so thrilled for my first online class to be on a topic I am so passionate about. You will find almost 3 hours of video content, as well as a bonus audio version. I hope you love it as well! Here’s to happy employees and bosses everywhere!
P.S. I'll be on Instagram Live today at 1pm PST answering business-related questions so come join us!
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