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oh joy! academy love…

oh joy! academy love... / via oh joy!

oh joy! academy love... / via oh joy!

It's only been six months since we launched the Oh Joy! Academy, and it's been super fulfilling for me to help you with your goals and businesses in so many ways. I love getting feedback from our courses, workbooks, and sessions, as it helps us here at Oh Joy! to continue finding ways to grow our academy to help you the most!

So today, I wanted to share some of the incredible feedback we have received so far which makes me truly so happy to see how much you have all gained from it…

How to Grow a Dream Team / via Oh Joy!

How to Grow a Dream Team — In this online video class, I teach you how to grow a team for your business.

"I walked away from Joy's class with a better understanding of how to take tangible steps to create the business of my dreams. Transitioning from being a solopreneur feels scary. I've taken a few online and weekend in-person business courses, and this one felt the most doable and practical step-by-step. It's a true road map in many ways, even as it was specific to how she did it, I felt it was customized for my needs!" — Bevin, Fat Kid Dance Party Aerobics

"Joy's class was an eye opener to say the least! I appreciated her ability to cut through the nuances of 21st century hiring and hiring practices. She gave me clear direction for identifying loyal, talented team members and beyond that, how to keep them long term and running a team on the day-to-day. Going forward, I now feel confident in how and when I need to fill roles and am excited to build my team!" — Kara Nilsson, Leisure Lane

One on One Business Coaching with Joy Cho / via Oh Joy!

One-on-One Business Coaching – I offer 4 spots per month to work with you on your biggest goals and hurdles.

"Signing up for the Business Coaching Session with Joy was by far one of the smartest decisions I've made for my company/brand thus far. She has been such an inspiration over the past several years, so being able to chat with her and pick her brain was such a gift. She went above and beyond every step of the way. I couldn't get over how generous and focused she was. We covered everything I wanted to touch on and more. I'm thrilled she is offering these sessions because it's clearly just one more talent she should be sharing with the world. Snag one if you can!" — Erin Campbell, ABC's of the 80's

"A business coaching session with Joy was an incredible way to follow through on a personal resolution by getting guidance from such a creative and professional trailblazer. I had been putting off taking the next steps with a project, but the session and follow-up feedback has helped me to recognize my own progress and to solidify my vision moving forwardI could tell that she put a great deal of work into our call beforehand; this meant a lot to me as the client because I'm also a loyal social media follower so I know how much she has going on at any given time." — Erin Sanders

How to Pitch a Book Idea / via Oh Joy!

How to Pitch a Book Idea — A 40 Page Workbook that leads you through how to concept, develop, and pitch a book idea to an agent or publisher

"As a freelance editor, I think Joy has done a great job covering all of the key components of the book proposal and publishing process from beginning to end. What I love most about this guide though is that it's not only a booklet of step-by-step instructions but also a workbook! It's as if you can attend a virtual pitch workshop with her and walk away with simple, easy-to-follow actionable steps!  I recommend this guide to anyone interested in the book proposal and publishing process." — Bee Tangsurat
"For anyone feeling overwhelmed by the process of writing a book, this is an invaluable resource. My sister-in-law and I are first-time authors working on a series of children's books. We have learned so much by working through this workbook. Thank you!"  — Jessica Green, Workwell Consulting
Also, if there are any other topics that you'd be interested in seeing in the future, please let us know in the comments! Thank you again to all of you who have joined us in the Oh Joy! Academy so far! Can't wait to continue to grow with all of you.
{Lead photo by Lily Glass. Graphics by Angie Stalker.} 


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