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let me shop for you: vintage caftans!

let me shop for you: vintage caftans!

let me shop for you: vintage caftans!

If you watched my recent IGTV video, you know that my number one go-to at home piece right now is a vintage caftan. It’s colorful, fun, chic…yet comfy, too! Since we can’t shop at our favorite local flea markets or vintage shops in person right now, there’s so much available through vintage shops on Etsy in a range of sizes and prices.

Here are some tips I keep in mind for buying vintage caftans online:

1. Remember sizing for a caftan is more flexible than other clothing. Here’s a case where you can wear sizes that are larger than your size since they are meant to be roomy. If you’re getting a piece that isn’t your size, you have to make sure that the fabric is flowy enough to still drape your frame properly. OR, you can also get them altered (which is generally not too expensive with a simple caftan shape). 

2. The pricing will reflect the quality. You can find some for $25-45 which will likely be a vintage polyester. Those will be durable and easily washable but may also be a thinner fabric. Anything in the lower $100s is likely much nicer quality and will last longer…those however, may be silk or other more precious materials so keep in mind if you’d prefer wear and wash pieces than anything too nice.

3. Keep specific search terms in mind to find more. I searched for “Vintage Floral Caftan” or “Hawaiian Vintage Caftan” to get these results below!

Here are six of my favorites available right now on Etsy….

let me shop for you: vintage caftans!

1. Hawaiian Caftan from ($65, size XS/S), 2. Caftan from VintagePrepGirl ($125, size 10-12), 3. Silk colorblock caftan from MilkTeeths ($150, size 10), 4. purple floral caftan by IggyAndBo ($68, size XS, S), 5. Multi-color floral caftan from PendulumVintage ($47, size M/L), 6. Abstract caftan from PurnaPalace ($124, size S).

(Top photo by Casey Brodley)


  1. Love the inspiration. If anyone has advanced beginner sewing skills, caftans are really easy to sew. You can use vintage fabric if that’s a priority.
    I’m old enough to remember caftans being in style, though was too young to want to wear them 🙂 One of my grandmothers wore hers with a turban on bad hair days.


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