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My New Online Licensing Class!

Oh Joy! Academy Licensing Class

One of the most common questions I get about business is how to work with other brands to create products. I have been working in the design field for 19 years and have spent most of that time designing and creating products through licensing. Oh Joy! has had collections with Target, Band-Aid, Clorox, CALPAK, Petco, Freshly Picked, Alice & Ames, MixBook, Keds, and many more brands over the 15 years of having my own business.

After many successful in-person and live online workshops (which always completely sell out!), I’m excited to offer a video version to be able to watch and learn wherever you may be! You’ll be able to watch the 76 minute class and pause each video as your schedule allows. Some of the things I’ll cover include:

-A deep dive into your style and how to decide which brands to pitch
-How to make sure your website, social media, and work is ready to present to brands
-How to put together a pitch deck and cold pitch to companies
-How licensing works and what to ask for in terms of royalties, fees, and usage rights
-And more!

The class is now available for $108. Click here for all the details!


  1. awesome! this is a 2021 goal for me. it was a 2020 goal but then yaknow. 2020.
    do you have any more – intro classes – or recommendations for those of us that mostly do “offline” artwork and want to translate to digital surface design? (eg. my block prints as digital art… help!)

  2. Hi Julie!
    2020 has been a great year to work on things that we’ve been putting off! I love that it’s a goal for you!
    As for classes to get your artwork to digital, I am sure there are classes on Skillshare for that! Once you learn how, it will expand your universe a ton!


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