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let me shop for you: rainbow for fall!

Oh Joy! Fall Rainbow

Oh Joy! Fall Rainbow

I'm channeling optimism and joy during a week that might feel strange and overwhelming. Rainbows aren't just for the spring but anytime you need a big smile…even in the fall! Here are a few very fall-appropriate and fun pieces that are making me smile right now…

(Left to right, top to bottom: Vintage Veloria sweater ($20, size 14), Boden rainbow stripe dress ($99 on sale), Zion Kitty Art Glass drinking glasses ($78 for 2), Alex Mill shirt and skirt ($148, XS-XXL), Retro and Me shoes ($32, size 7), MuffysAttic scarf ($20).)


  1. Great picks! I love that you feature Etsy vintage sellers and not just big name retailers. Thanks for supporting small businesses and sustainable fashion.

  2. Thanks Carrie!
    Indie businesses have always been important to me to feature from Day 1 of this blog 15 years ago!
    So glad you enjoy!


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