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House Reveal: The Girls’ Bathroom

In between my girls’ bedroom and their craft room is a shared bathroom separated by sliding pocket doors. Here’s a look at the final reveal!

In between my girls’ bedroom and their craft room (that reveal coming next week!) is a shared bathroom separated by sliding pocket doors. When we were designing this house, they were so little and not ready to bathe on their own. But we planned ahead for their future ages knowing they’d be much more independent by the time we moved in. Here’s a reminder of the design plans and see below for a look back at our progress on this room…

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Rosy Finch Gloss Glass Tile by Fireclay*, Countertop by Caesarstone*, Faucet in Antique Copper by Newport Brass available at Ferguson*, Josephine Mirror by Rosecliff Heights at Wayfair*, Lumiere Acrylic Pull and Knobs in Brushed Rose Gold by Schaub* (on custom cabinets), Liewood Step Stool, Swift Sconces by Cedar & Moss*, Matte Porcelain LED Bulb by Schoolhouse Electric, Venice Tile Floor (in custom color) by Concrete Collaborative*.

When planning the girls’ bathroom, we designed it for long-term use as they go from kids to teens while still making the bathroom unique for them. This glass tile really laid the foundation for the mix of vintage and glam inspiration. The room is feminine and warm, but also sparkles with texture and pops of color! Most of our house has brass accents, but this room stands on it’s own with rose gold/copper fixtures instead.

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Venice Tile Floor (in custom color) by Concrete Collaborative*, Liewood Step Stool.

When you see the rest of our house soon, you’ll see how we incorporated terrazzo tile throughout. It’s been a material I have always loved. And, while it’s recently had a resurgence in popularity, it’s also so classic and durable over time (you’ll often see terrazzo floors in schools and airports!). We worked with Concrete Collaborative to create this custom color based off one of their stock colors and brought in shades of pink, rust, and grey to add texture and warmth to this bathroom.

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Wall Paint in Wing It by Clare*, Red Lips Print by Banquet, Towels by Castle, Newport Brass Towel Bar in Antique Copper, Countertop by Caesarstone*, Undermount Bathroom Sink by Kohler available at Wayfair*, Venice Tile Floor (in custom color) by Concrete Collaborative*.
Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Wall Paint in Wing It by Clare*, The Dots Coat Hooks from The Danish Design Store, Venice Tile Floor (in custom color) by Concrete Collaborative*.

As we prepped for kids who were getting older and more independent, it was important to make items in the bathroom easy to reach and easy to put back so they could learn to fully bathe and shower without our help. I love the fun pops of color from these coat hooks which hold their bath towels located right near the shower/tub. Having them in varying sizes, heights, and positions adds a playful touch! Coco’s hook is lower than Ruby’s since she’s smaller and younger. I also love the addition of the simple towel bar for their hand towels and to access and use when simply washing hands.

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Rosy Finch Gloss Glass Tile by Fireclay*, Wall Paint in Wing It by Clare*, Arco Phlox Shower Curtain by Quiet Town*, Tulum Palapa Mat by Quiet Town*, Kohler Bathtub from Wayfair*, Pom towel from The Styl’d Life, Venice Tile Floor (in custom color) by Concrete Collaborative*.
Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Carolina Wren Gloss Glass Tile by Fireclay* (in niche), Rosy Finch Gloss Glass Tile by Fireclay*, Pavani 3-3102BP in Tub and Shower Trim Set in Antique Copper by Newport Brass available at Ferguson*.

The tub/shower sits at the end of this rectangular space by a nice, big window. My kids mostly shower now at their age but still enjoy a bubble bath every so often. I love how the small bathtub feels very seamless and integrated and serves as a fun focal point in the room. When the sun shines through, the colors on the shower curtain really glow, too. We used the same glass tile here as in the rest of the bathroom and added contrast peachy color in the soap niche for another fun surprise.

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Gold Party Hedgehog is (past season) Oh Joy! for Target, Bud Vase from The Styl’d Life.

Things to consider for a kids’ bathroom?

Working on kids’ spaces has taught me to think about them as long-term and trying to future proof as much as possible. If you’re planning to update or redesign your own kids’ bathroom, that’s one thing I would keep in mind upfront. Just because it’s a kids’ bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t feel special or use nice materials. Think about what will last over time to make the cost of updates and renovations most worth it!

Is there anything I would do differently?

My kids are constantly bickering when they are sharing the sink. Especially when brushing teeth, we’ll often hear them yelling…”Gross! She spit toothpaste on my arm!” Most “Jack and Jill” bathrooms do have two sinks, but this bathroom didn’t have the space for it. Plus, I personally think kids need to learn to share so there was no reason to push for it in an already small bathroom. So while that’s one area that could make things easier in the future (especially when they are older and require more space and time in the bathroom), I am happy with how it’s all working out. Plus, the lower cabinets were designed with lots of drawers to hold their (future) stuff so they’ll each have a side of their own for storage then.

If you have any other comments or questions, let me know!

Reveal photos: Bethany Nauert
Progress photos (shown in slideshow): Lily Glass
Design: Joy Cho with Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus
Styling: Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus
Architecture: Project M Plus
Construction: Boswell Construction

All furniture and materials sources noted within captions below photos. *Indicates an item that was designer discounted or gifted to us in exchange for coverage on Oh Joy. All opinions are my own. Please leave a comment if we missed anything you would like to know the source of!


  1. Wow, so beautiful! Does the window face outside? Is it frosted or how do you balance privacy with all of that natural light?

    1. Hi KJ! Yes the window faces outside but it’s on the 2nd floor so it’s high up. We did also had a frost to the lower half of it for extra privacy!

  2. Joy!! This is so good!! They can truly grow into this. We recently finished our master bath and I opted for one sink, more counter space for us and I love it! Also, plumbing and fixtures are pricey, so we saved a little there!! So happy for your girls in their super fun space!

    1. Hi Caitlin, it says it at the bottom of the blog post! There wasn’t space for it and I wanted my kids to learn to share the space 🙂

  3. Love it so much! It’s very joyful! Would you be willing to share your contact for the custom vanity? I would love to have some built, but have no idea where to get started in that process… thank you!

  4. Those towel hooks are so unique. I love that! And for some reason the shower insert stands out to me too.
    Are you having pressure issues with your Newport Brass? We just remodeled our master bath and the shower and handheld are struggling (and it’s not the house pressure). Even at the full blast setting it bends like a limp you know what. The fixture is built so well I can’t figure out how to remove the low flow ring so I was hoping you might have had some luck.

  5. So glad to finally be seeing your home! In the 1980s my mom ripped up all the carpet and had the original terrazzo floor polished and sealed in our 1950s Florida house. It looked terrazzo.

    1. Thanks E! We love the terrazzo too! I can’t imagine putting carpet over it – but good for your mom for finding those original floors. A good floor makes a big difference.

  6. Such a beautiful space and we are so happy to see the Hot Lips! Thanks again and can’t wait to see more of your beautiful home. Terrazzo forever!!!

  7. Hi there,
    Just found your site!
    We are in the midst of renovating all of our bathrooms, and I have been trying to figure out where to tile and where to stop … In the girls’ bathroom, did you have the. same tile on the vanity wall, the window wall, and part of the shower niche wall? Or was there a different tile/finish on the window wall?

    My daughter’s bathroom is much the same layout, so I am thinking of wrapping tile around the vanity wall, the same treatment on the window wall, and then part of the wall up to her door (if that makes any sense). I am working on getting my tile guy to install the tiles on that “door” wall flush to the drywall, as the tile I have fallen in love with does not have finishing tiles (no pencil, no bullnose, etc)

    1. Hi Moriah!
      On the window wall, we did a cement/plaster that matches the tile. I would have loved to tile it but that wall has angles which made the tiling too hard. So the tile in on two sides of the shower not counting the window wall.


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