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My Current Reading Stack…

Within the last year, I’ve wanted to expand my reading list from the usual business and parent books that used to fill my reading list. Here are some of my current reads…

I shared this stack of books last week on Instagram and wanted to expand on why I’ve read (or am currently) reading each one…

Self Love Poetry by Melody Godfred is what we all need right now…and always. Anytime we have self-doubt or simply need a reminder about what we bring to the world.

Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata is a fiction book that celebrates quirkiness and not living by everyone else’s standards and expectations.

Share Your Stuff by Laura Tremaine helps you to get to know yourself better and ask serious questions to delve deeper into what makes you “you”. And then it encourages you to go through those questions with your close friends to get to know one another better and on a deeper level then you might have already.

Dear Girls by Ali Wong is a mix of memoir of hilarious moments from Ali’s life and the things she’s learned and wants her daughters (and all women) to learn from.

Radical Candor by Kim Scott is a great read for those in leadership positions who need to know how to give feedback in a way that’s well-received and useful.

Worth It by Brit Barron encourages you to live the life you want through examples in her own life of obstacles she faced and overcame.

A Coat of Yellow Paint by Naomi Davis gives lots of fun anecdotes from her life as a mom of 5 working in social media and how to see the joy from every moment.

Get Good with Money by Tiffany Aliche outlines all the steps you need to achieve financial power and wholeness no matter what state of life you’re in. The book came out not long ago and is already a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller!

Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid is a dramatic fiction book that explores race and privilege through an incident that unravels through the course of the book.

Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee – This is a must-read here at Oh Joy! It challenges you and makes you questions why you like something and if you really like it. It’s a full book about visuals yet she’s able to describe them so well without many pictures. A true wordsmith and totally worth the read.


  1. Hey Joy,
    Dear Girls – It was really amazing experience to read this book, I enjoy this book and learn lots of things. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved Ali Wong’s book and Radical Candor! I recently re-read Little Fires Everywhere, and new reads are There I Am and Mexican Gothic. All highly recommended!


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