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House Reveal: Our Main Bathroom

I wanted my main bathroom to feel like a mini getaway since it’s the only time my kids can’t bother me. Here’s a look at the process and the end result…

Our main bathroom sits off our main bedroom, and it’s truly a welcome escape. I wanted it to feel like a mini getaway since it’s the only time my kids can’t bother me. 🙂 Here’s a look at the process and the end result…

Colors and Materials
Since this room transitions from the bedroom, we wanted to continue some of the shades in there with blues and greens but in a different way than in the bedroom. How do you make a bathroom feel fresh and light but still give it some warmth and depth? Mixing classic marble tiles for the shower area with the perfectly imperfect Zellige tiles for the sink area and mixing in both light wood and brass helped to add dimension to a modern bath space.

The Process
This room was the only room to have major changes mid-way through the project. We took out what was supposed to be a shower and bathtub in lieu of a large shower and no bathtub. And, we changed the original grout color from white to medium grey (Laticrete / 78 Sterling Silver) after seeing how the original choice wasn’t working out in reality. Check out the process and progress above in the slideshow!

I am so happy we went with the medium grey grout instead as it blends in more seamlessly with the blue/green tiles and lets them shine. I love the variety of colors in this tile and how it feels reflective like water!

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Zellige TIles by Cle Tile* (in tea ceremony 4”x4”), Grout in Laticrete / 78 Sterling Silver, Wall Paint by Clare* (in Make Waves), Ceiling Paint by Clare* (in Snow Day), Lavatory Faucet East Linear 1500 by Newport Brass* from Ferguson (in satin brass), Custom Vanity Cabinets, Quartz Countertop by Caesarstone* (in Pure White 1141), Lumiere Door Pulls and Knobs by Schaub* (in acrylic and satin brass), Ladena Ceramic Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Sink by Kohler for Wayfair*, Recessed Medicine Cabinet Mirrors by Ebern Designs for Wayfair*, George Kovacs Tube High Honey Gold LED Wall Sconce by Lamps Plus*, Folia Relief Plant Pot by Angus and Celeste* (in white).

Double Sinks
Going into this project, my only requirement for our main bath was to have two sinks. I longed to never again have moments where our heads are butting over the sink while trying to wash faces and spit toothpaste on one another accidentally on an early Tuesday morning while getting ourselves and our kids ready for the day. It’s such a luxury to have a double sink, and it’s truly made our marriage better! 😛

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Zellige TIles by Cle Tile* (in tea ceremony 4”x4”), Grout in Laticrete / 78 Sterling Silver, Wall Paint by Clare* (in Make Waves), Morocco Pastels 6 Print by Jan Prengel from Tappan.

As with the rest of our house, I wanted to include as much storage as possible to limit countertop clutter. In addition to the custom vanities (which hold toiletries, extra bath items, and cleaning supplies), the two mirrors are medicine cabinets. They hold daily essentials like face products, deodorant, etc. I love how they are built into the wall and feels seamless!

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Carrara Large Field Tile by Clé Tile*, Wall Paint by Clare* (in Make Waves), Ceiling Paint by Clare* (in Snow Day), Shower Handle and Shower Head by Newport Brass from Ferguson* (in satin brass), Custom Vanity Cabinets, Lumiere Door Pulls by Schaub* (in acrylic and satin brass).

The Shower
During construction, we opted to remove the bathtub (which was originally designed to be in front of the large window). While I had loved the idea of a beautiful, statement bathtub, we knew deep down that we wouldn’t use it as much as a shower. So before it was too late, we changed this area to a double shower instead which was the best mid-way change! It now feels like a luxurious spa taking a shower in there. The large window provides a connection to outdoor (while half-frosted for privacy). The classic marble tile lays the framework for a soothing space and covers both walls and floors with the tile in a couple different sizes for added texture and interest.

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Carrara Large Field Tile by Clé Tile*, Toilet by Kohler from Wayfair*, South Beach Toilet Tank Lever by Element of Design from Wayfair* (in Polished Brass), Modern Brass Paper Holder by Emtek* (in Satin Brass).

Plant Love
There is a built-in bench in the shower that was made for our future older selves should we need to sit and shower in our later years. But it also serves currently as a shelf to hold any extra bath products as well as another surface for my many plants. This window has given amazing light for plants, and I love the shapes they create against the light!

If you have any other questions about this room, please ask below and I’ll get back to you in the comments!

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Reveal photos: Bethany Nauert
Progress photos: Lily Glass
Design: Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus and Joy Cho
Styling: Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus
Architecture: Project M Plus
Construction: Boswell Construction

All furniture and materials sources noted within captions below photos. *Indicates an item that was designer discounted or gifted to us in exchange for coverage on Oh Joy. All opinions are my own. Please leave a comment if we missed anything you would like to know the source of!


  1. Joy, this bathroom is gorgeous!! I am mid bathroom renovation, using the same Cle zellige tiles. Would you please share the color name of the grout you chose? I’ve been having a tough time making a decision! Thanks so much.

  2. I would love more details on your vanity cabinets and to know where you’re thinking for hand towels. We’re about to embark on a big primary bathroom remodel in a space that has really similar vibes to your bathroom. Thanks so much and congratulations on such a gorgeous and thoughtful build!

    1. Thanks Molly! The vanity is custom with Schaub & Co. knobs. There is a towel bar on the painted wall in one of the photos. We also have hooks and another towel bar right behind (if you’re facing the vanity), you just can’t see it in the photos.

  3. I lucked into double sinks and a double shower in my current home, and now I can never go back! They’re the best and definitely help the “roommate” side of marriage and daily living so much!

  4. Gorgeous! Congratulations on your beautiful home; it’s easy to see all your hard work! Please pardon if I’ve somehow missed the vanity source, but what wood? are the cabinets?

  5. Gorgeous space! I love all the plant pots you have in there! Would you mind sharing the sources? Thank you!!!

  6. Hello! We are in the thick of a bathroom remodeling ourselves, hope it turns out as well as yours! Do you mind sharing some of your favorite indoor plants (low maintenance, no bugs)? Thank you!

  7. I think the tile colors are beautiful & double sinks & shower. The only thing I would have done differently would have been you have chrome/silver with the teal colors…just a preference as I don’t care for gold or brass but nicely done

  8. It looks so fancy, I personally wouldn’t mind spending more hours in the bathroom if it looked like that haha. I was wondering if the Zellige tiles are easy to clean?

    1. Hi Brett!
      Hahah yes we love it! And the tiles have been fine to clean! They rarely get dirty since the location only get may occasional water splashes but nothing else.

  9. Hi Joy,

    I love this space! I was wondering if you could tell me about any special precautions that were taken with installing or keeping the window in the shower, specifically regarding possible moisture damage. We have a similar layout and are contemplating expanding our shower as well.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      I am not sure about that as the installers and subs handled it. But if it’s being installed in the shower, they should be very well versed on how that should be installed to keep everything safe and secure.

  10. This bathroom is the main inspiration for my future bathroom reno! I love those blue tiles! How did you lay them out so the pattern looks random please?

    1. Hi Pam! That kind of tile (zellige) has natural variation in color unlike other tiles where every color should be the same. So it was already random in each box!

  11. Beautiful bathroom! We are about to start a bathroom renovation and I wanted to continue the large format marble tiles into the shower and have been told by many people it will be too slippery when wet with soap. What has your experience been so far with any slipping in the shower? Thanks!

    1. Great question Tiffany! I was concerned about that, too. We made sure that any tile that’s in a shower is meant for a shower. You can confirm that with the vendor. Usually that means the tile already has some sort of texture that the vendor feels is safe for showers or when the tile is installed and sealed, the installer can coat it with something that makes it less slick. I haven’t had any issues with this particular tile. But of course, no one should run or jump on wet tile. Best! Joy

  12. Hi Joy. Thank you for dedicating your time to this blog. We have a large window in our shower and we’re trying to figure what to do with it. When you say half-frosted–do you mean frosted on one side, or frosted halfway up?


  13. I absolutely love your bathroom! I’m planning something similar with Zellige tiles and marble. I started with a different shade of paint from Claire (Views) and found the Zellige tile colors I was loving were too similar to that paint color. I am grabbing a sample of the color you picked to see if that will solve my problem (a bit more contrast). Also, after having a marble shower for a while, how is the upkeep? What do you clean it with? Thank you!

    1. Hi Anne! Sounds lovely! The marble is doing great. The grout definitely can get a little less white over the years but we clean it weekly so it’s been pretty good!

  14. Hi! I absolutely love your bathroom! When using the zellige tiles (by your pony wall), do you have any sides of the tiles showing? If so, did you leave them raw, cover them, or add trim? Thank you!

    1. Hi Ann! Great question! So you can’t tell in the photo but it wraps around another small wall before ending in a corner that meets a window to a light well. So there isn’t any exposed edge.

  15. Hi. Do you happen to have a photo of the Zellige tile with the white grout? Also, did you lay the Zellige tiles butt to butt? Last question, do you happen to know the grout color you used in the shower? Thanks so much!

  16. “Love the “mini getaway” bathroom concept! Perfect escape from the kiddos. The mix of blues, greens & textures sounds amazing – especially the marble & Zellige tiles.
    Pacific Designer Bathrooms Can’t wait to see the pics & how you achieved that warm, light feel! #bathroominspo”


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