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The State of Being Content Right Now

For years, I never enjoyed the present. I was always looking to what’s next…my next set of goals, how things would eventually be if I worked more, harder, kept pushing…

For years, I never enjoyed the present. I was always looking to what’s next…my next set of goals, how things would eventually be if I worked more, harder, kept pushing. 2020 came with lots of emotions, change, loss, and a serious shift in my mindset. For once, I didn’t have that constant feeling of hustle because I simply couldn’t hustle in the same way I previously could. It felt weird at first…had I lost my drive? Did I no longer have ambition to achieve and grow? Instead of overthinking it, I let it be and enjoyed and appreciated the now. My family was healthy and safe during a global pandemic. I still had my business intact. I was able to be home with my kids while they did virtual school, and I could safely work from home. I had moved into the house I had been working on for the last several years. And, I was finally finding my voice on social media and speaking up about issues that mattered to me. Things were good. And I was present.

For most of my adult life, the idea of working your butt off beyond the point of exhaustion was considered the thing to do. I did it a lot, and sometimes I still do. Now, here we are in 2021, the year I thought that the “Joy that was” would come back because this new year held promise of a post-Covid life. But I happily find myself still in the present. When people ask me what’s in the plans for my business in 5 years…I have no idea. And I really don’t need to know. I am (for the first time) content with living in the now and doing what makes me happy day by day.

If you’re struggling with the “what’s next?”, it’s okay to be content in the now and doing what feels right for you right now.


  1. Thanks for sharing Joy. The pandemic has taught me to live in the present more too. Such a strong reminder/lesson to me that we don’t know what the future holds for us no matter how much I plan. There have been many hard things (and some say unhealthy) about life during the pandemic, but I hope post-Covid I will be able to keep up the healthier mindsets, habits, etc. I developed during this time such as spending more time with my family, not overworking and rushing from event to event, and not spending so much time commuting. Hopefully I won’t give into the pressure! Ack. There were many unhealthy things about my life pre-Covid lifestyle too. Thanks for the goodnreminder.

    1. Yes Sarah – this exactly! Rooting for all of us to keep hold of the good things we learned and developed.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Joy! I love that you’re choosing to savor the present. We’re so often looking miles ahead that we forget to enjoy the now. I feel this pressure too and am trying to remind myself to stay in the moment and trust that things will unfold as they should.

  3. This really resonates with me, Joy! Thanks for sharing. I have no idea what is next in the coming months / year(s), either — just trying to live in the present and trust that “what’s next” will reveal itself in time.

  4. lol your sandals tan. i recently noticed i have sock tan lines so i noticed your tan lines.
    I’m loving your house tour! Looks like the perfect place to soak in the now.


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