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Diverse Kids’ Books (Part 5)

In our on-going Diverse Kids’ Books guides, here’s a handful of new titles I wanted to share with you…

I believe so much in showing our kids a broad range of experiences, families, and situations, and books do a wonderful job of helping to share stories our kids may not get to see in real life. In our on-going Diverse Kids’ Books guides, here’s a handful of new titles I wanted to share with you…

Beneath Our Skin – By Us The Trio. This cute kids’ book that has turned into an even cuter song! Celebrate everyone’s differences on the outside and the inside and be reminded to treat everyone with kindness.

The Girl’s Guide to Building a Fort – By Jenny Fieri; Illustrations by Alexis Seabrook. An entertaining guide for girls on how to make the world into their workshop. This book shows girls and their grown-ups how to knock down the four walls holding them in and how to fix things, make things, and learn more about the world around them. For girls 7 and up (or with parent’s help if younger).

Arlo Draws an Octopus – Words by Lori Mortensen; Pictures by Rob Sayegh Jr. This silly and fun book teaches all of us the importance of not giving up. Arlo is a kid who wants to draw an octopus and gets frustrated when the drawing is not perfect. But a surprise visitor shows him that it was actually amazing all along!

Bird House – By Blanca Gómez. A beautifully written and illustrated book about a young girl and her abuela finding and nursing an injured bird back to health. When the bird is ready, they release it and welcome it back as a visitor!

Ciao, Sandro! – Words by Steven Varni; Pictures by Luciano Lozano. The cutest dog Sandro gets the afternoon off from riding in the gondolier and wanders the streets (and canals) of Venice visiting all his friends. With the glossary in the back, learn new Italian words and phrases to help Sandro have the best afternoon of his life.

Wishes – By Muon Thi Van; Illustrations by Victo Ngai. A beautiful and meaningul book about a family’s escape and voyage to find refuge in another place. The words are simple but profound as a young girl wishes for things beyond her control and finally finds a land where wishes come true. This book is a great starting point for talking to children about immigration.

The House of Grass and Sky – By Mary Lyn Ray; Illustrated by E. B. Goodale. When a family moves away from a house, the house becomes lonely and longs for a family. When a new family appears, they don’t tear down and rebuild but instead fix-up and restore the house back to its best self.

The People’s Painter: How Ben Shahn Fought For Justice with Art – By Cynthia Levinson; Pictures by Evan Turk. A book detailing the life of Ben Shahn, a Jewish exile from Tsarist Russia who came to the United States and spent his life and his art focused on righting injustices. The book has beautiful pictures are influenced by Shahn’s style and the story covers a broad array of diverse topics to begin meaningful conversations!

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