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How I Went From “Cat Lady” To “Dog Crazy”

I told my kids we would never get a dog. And then this puppy came into our lives a few months ago, and now this “not a dog person” spends most of the day with this happy puppy by my side…

I told my kids we would never get a dog. And then this puppy came into our lives a few months ago, and now this “not a dog person” spends most of the day with this happy puppy by my side. She’s made our lives better, added more joy, keeps me active, and helped my kids in ways I can’t even begin to explain.

I always wanted pets growing up but my mom wouldn’t let us. So as soon as I graduated college and had my first adult apartment on my own, I got the pet that any reasonable person who has never had a pet before gets…a cat! I had one cat, and then another…and my then-boyfriend (now husband) accumulated 2 cats as well. At one point, we had 4 cats together…and then down to 3 (RIP Ling) by the time we moved in together and got married. One by one, our cats grew to be seniors and passed (RIP Bruce and Lucy). We currently have one remaining, Max, who is 19!

While we were expecting to wait unless our last cat passed before getting a puppy, we decided now was the time for our family, and bit the bullet back in January. You can read the backstory on that right here.

Six months into having a puppy, I am still SO glad we did it. She’s such a wonderful puppy with a great personality. Of course, she’s still in that playful (sometimes naughty) puppy phase, but she’s mostly so kind, well-behaved, and LOVES our kids. I still love cats, but dogs truly do give you love like no other…

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  1. Our dog passed away last year. Our kids and I want another one however we’re having a tough time convincing my husband. They really do bring another level of love to the home. xoxo

    1. Hi Amy, I’m so sorry for your loss. Take your time and you’ll know when it’s right to welcome another dog to your family. Sending love…

  2. I hope Max and Sticky get along well! Our 19.5yo black kitty Lola passed in late 2019 🙁 When she passed, she left a kitty-sized hole on our hearts, so in May 2020 we welcomed 7wk old gray tabby Luna into our lives, and then a month later came our 8wk old mini labradoodle Frida. Besides the roughhousing (Luna always gets the upper hand), they often sleep together, eat each other’s meals, and look out for each other. We wonder how Luna feels because we bring Frida EVERYWHERE with us (we call her our forever toddler). Our pup is really such a joy! But when we come home after a long day, it is truly Luna who is the most precious, most loving being – the way she communicates with us and loves us is just so wonderful. So I would have to say it is cats who give you love like no other! 😀
    – from a cat-people family who also loves their dog 🙂

    1. Aw thanks for sharing your story. Our cat Max is 19 so the two don’t get along so well but Max mostly keeps to herself all day. I’m so glad your kitten and puppy get along!

  3. Never have I ever wanted a dog. The giant farm dogs I grew up with would knock me over to get to stuff, shed everywhere, drool on the floor and in the car- I just felt like they were so hard to keep up after. At the same time, we had approximately 13 cats on my grandmother’s farm, and the cats were SO self-sufficient and delightful. Fast forward to adulthood & my preference would be a cat, but most people I’m close to are allergic (and I like having guests). We had a dog-friendly office, so I began looking for a small enough dog I wouldn’t feel sorry for restricting to a small, urban apartment. When I met Hero, I knew she was it for me. All the other dogs were barking and jumping around at something, but she sat quietly in the back, giant ears up, just listening silently. “That’s my dog,” I said. They put her in my lap & she refused to move. Then they said she was hypoallergenic- she won’t shed- and I was like, “PERFECT.” There is no way in the world I’d have believed I’d have a dog, but I literally cannot imagine my life without her! Shortly after adopting her, I became bedridden & she was completely satisfied to lay by my side all day, not moving, and just reminding me I had something to live for. She’s an absolute miracle and I’m so incredibly lucky we found each other!


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