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Oh Joy Studio Reveal: Celestial-Inspired Powder Room

My next reveal is small guest powder room that sits within the main space of our studio. Come see all the details…

It’s crazy that it was TWO YEARS AGO that I shared the inspiration for this half bathroom having no idea it would take so long for you to finally see it! This is a small guest bathroom that sits within the main space of our studio. Come see all the details…

Sources: 1. Inverted Spaces in Orion Wallpaper by Calico, 2. Brass toilet lever from Wayfair, 3. Brass inlay cement tile floor by Tabarka Studio,  4. countertop from Caesarstone, 5. Brass pull for the vanity by Emtek.

Here’s a look above at the materials of the space. It’s truly full of glimmering pieces that make this small room shine like the night sky.

Sources: Mirror (vintage); Cimarron Two-Piece Toilet by Kohler from Wayfair*; Modern Brass Paper Holder by Emtek* (in Satin Brass); Kavim 1 Gray Floor Tiles by Tabarka*; City Light Knob Pulls by Schaub* (in Satin Brass); Laurent Knob by Emtek* (in Satin Brass); Inverted Spaces in Orion Wallpaper by Calico*; Verona Sconce by Cedar & Moss* (in Coral and Brass); Caxton Ceramic Oval Undermount Bathroom Sink by Kohler from Wayfair*; Quartz Countertop by Caesarstone* (in 5131 Calacatta Nuvo); Wall Mount Lavatory Faucet by Newport Brass (in Satin Brass).

It’s no secret that I’m a wallpaper fiend, and this small powder room was the perfect canvas for this truly unique and celestial wallpaper by Calico. The gold mixed into the jewel tones is so stunning and really shimmers in the light.

Source: Blue Elvis Paint by Portola* (in Royal Satin)

The Details
Details were such a big part of all of the rooms, but especially in a small room like this where the costs to add another element were lower simply due to the limited space. For example, Cleo has the idea to paint the ceiling with this iridescent periwinkle paint by Portola in order to add another dimension to the wall. A solid white ceiling wouldn’t have tied it all together like this color does. It ties into the wallpaper while adding another type of shimmer to the room.

For a guest bath, having an easily-accessible place for the hand towels is important. Plus, it can’t hurt to have a hook behind the door or somewhere else in the room for a place to hang a purse or extra clothes.

Source: Kavim 1 Gray Floor Tiles by Tabarka*

Floor Tile
I’ve always loved the brass inlay tiles from Tabarka, but they aren’t cheap. So we chose to use it in this room with it’s small square footage. And, because this room doesn’t get any water exposure (like a full bath would), the tile will hold up really nicely here.

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Reveal photos: Bethany Nauert
Progress photos: Lily Glass
Design: Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus and Joy Cho
Styling: Cleo Murnane of Project M PlusJonas Bergkvist, and Scott Horne
Architecture: Project M Plus
Construction: Boswell Construction

All furniture and materials sources noted within captions below photos. *Indicates an item that was designer discounted or gifted to us in exchange for coverage on Oh Joy. All opinions are my own. Please leave a comment if we missed anything you would like to know the source of!


  1. It’s so beautiful and memorable that it makes you want to take a tour. I like how each space you feature has been unique.


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