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Our Newest Collection!

I’m so excited to announce that our new Oh Joy! Designer Collection for Bounty paper towels…

I’m so excited to announce that our new Oh Joy! Designer Collection for Bounty paper towels are now available!  Come along as I walk you through the design process and show you all eight fun patterns…

Started As Mood Board
For any collection, I start with images, colors, and patterns that inspire me. I think about how we’ll represent Oh Joy! while still creating designs that will execute well on the final medium – this time paper towels. Unlike some other products, we couldn’t use an unlimited amount of colors – so our color palette needed to be well-defined and concise.

Next Comes the Drawings
Angie, our Oh Joy! designer on this collection, probably drew out more than twenty different patterns based on the ideas we discussed together. After the first drawings were made, we reviewed them to see which ones we liked as is, which ones needed tweaking, and which ones wouldn’t work for this collection. When making revisions, we’re often adjusting the scale of the patterns, taking away or adding more if it’s too sparse or too full, and adjusting colors to be just right. The goal is for all the patterns to come together and feel like a group, but not be identical or too repetitive. Sounds easy, right? Well, it probably took us around ten rounds of edits before we had our final ten patterns for submission (and this doesn’t even include the packaging designs!)

Next Comes the Samples
After we submitted the patterns and narrowed down to the final eight, samples were sent to us to see how the color and shapes executed. We’ve never worked with this kind of material before, so it was a brand-new experience with lots of learning curves. We saw how the colors printed (sometimes very different from how they look on screen) and how the shapes and drawings performed on this textured paper. Everything looked great, and it was on to production!

Finally, You Can Buy Them!
The rolls come in packages of twelve at Sam’s Club (available today and online) with an assortment of patterns in each package. We think they’ll be perfect for any gatherings you have this summer when you need disposable napkins (so great for Covid safety!) and an easy way to clean up big spills. Bounty is twice as absorbent than the leading bargain brand and absorbs spills and messes quicker, so they’re great for any greasy messes (like when I make donuts or fries!). I’ve also been using them when our puppy Sticky has accidents around the house. The pop of color and whimsical patterns make this everyday item even more fun! Which design is your favorite? 

Photos by Lily Glass



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