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Oh Joy! Turns Sweet 16!

No matter what’s going on, it’s important to remember and celebrate milestones, even when they look different than you thought…

It’s been a crazy time for all of us in these last 18 months of a pandemic, and it feels hard to celebrate a milestone. In fact, I forgot that this was our Oh Joy! anniversary month in the midst of all the busyness and worry about ‘what school will be like?’ and ‘will the kids get to actually stay in this year?’. But no matter what’s going on, it’s important to remember and celebrate milestones, even when they look different than you thought…

Sixteen years ago I would never have guessed I’d still have a business rooted in social media! I was a graphic designer with a freelance design business but had no clue what I was doing. I started small, worked from home, and grew organically year after year. Some things I did were wildly successful, and some things failed.

If I could look ahead then, I couldn’t have imagined I’d work with so many incredible brands, partners, and people I have come to know and love. I didn’t think I would be working from a new home-studio and on the cover of Domino Magazine’s last print issue! I didn’t know my team would grow to seven people and then right-size just before a pandemic to one full-time employee and a few freelancers. I didn’t know I would not only be living a slower, more deliberate pace; much less know how much I would love it and thrive in it! I never would have guessed 16 would look like this, and I’ve never been more satisfied and happy as I am now in this business.

Life, businesses, relationships, pandemics don’t always go the way you planned. There’s forks in the road, roadblocks, and changes of circumstance. Wherever you are on your journey—whether your path feels different or disappointing, exhilarating, or flush with possibility—keep moving forward. Keep finding those changes and adjustments that make your way happier and your days brighter. Life is ever-evolving, and if we’ve learned anything from the past year and a half it’s that you have to create the life that is right for you and not for anyone else.

Finally, thank you for being here with me. Whether you’ve only been here a day or have been with me since Day 1, I know for certain I wouldn’t be here without you – and I am truly grateful.

P.S. For my 16th year anniversary, I decided to join TikTok (even though I said I never would :P).

Lead photo by Bethany Nauert from my studio dining room.


  1. Congratulations, Joy! I haven’t been around for all 16, sadly, but I sure am grateful you’re still sharing your perspective, ideas, content and home with us. Your blog is a daily smile for me, and I hope it’s around a long time. Cheers to 16 more! ~~Swan

  2. Congratulations on 14 years Joy! I discovered you in 2008 and started my Interior design company a few years later. Watching you work and evolve has been a constant inspiration for me.
    Keep shining bright!


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