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You’re Never Too Old…

As a middle-aged woman (woah…that sounds SO serious and old), I find myself at times questioning if I am “too old” to be doing some of the things I do…

As a middle-aged woman (woah…that sounds SO serious and old), I find myself at times questioning if I am “too old” to be doing some of the things I do…

Am I too old to wear so much color?

Am I too old to still love dessert as much as I do?

Am I too old to sing to the top of my lungs in the car to a Top 40 song by someone less than half my age?

Am I too old to watch teen rom coms on Netflix?

Am I too old to crimp my hair or have a fun nail art?

Am I too old to try new things?

The answer to all of these things in obviously…no!

But I often have those moments of self-doubt where I trick myself into thinking that I shouldn’t be doing something that makes me happy. Why do we think that?

Are we actually really more worried what other people think? Maybe they think I’m too old…or in fact, what if they think they shouldn’t be doing those things, therefore we (at the same age) shouldn’t be doing or feeling those things?

While it’s not easy to do, I’m done with worrying if I’m too old for it. If it makes you happy (and it’s legal ;), just do it. Get joy wherever you can and give joy whenever you can…no matter how old you are! Are you with me?


  1. Such good advice. When I turned 50 I acquired a piano and started taking lessons – I had never played a note before in my life. I’m soooo happy I did it, because it brings me joy. You are never too old!

  2. 🙂 Hi JOY, this post made me smile 🙂 I am 47, and have recently discovered my love for colorful shoes – I teach young adults at a university, and I did wonder whether my new bright yellow sneakers, or the crazy orange checkered boots I bought would be age appropriate (let alone job appropriate) to wear, but then I came to the same conclusion as you did – and have received a lot of compliments from my students, too!

    So, keep on doing everything on the list – age is relative, and as long as we feel well in our skin, everything is allowed – that’s my mantra 🙂

  3. 100% YES! As you get older you make informed (based on years of experience) decisions about what you do or don’t do. I think back to when I was younger and was so confident I was right, so why should that confidence and knowledge not accumulate. People should be asking ‘am I too young to do…., not am I too old’! Love your life, take notice of the people you respect and live your life.

  4. Hi I have always been a bit on the eccentric side Wnen I was a teenager I use to go help my aunt with light house work and ironing. Her and her husband owned a Supper Club. Everyday she would get dressed to take money from the night before to the bank. She wore a hat, makeup, highhills, perfume and always a dress. I was always in awe and thought some day I am going to be just like aunt Amy. I am now 76, 5 5 and 133 pounds. I have accumulated a collection of hats thanks to Dillard’s, Nordroms and Gigi Pepe. I never leave my house without a hat and makeup. I would love to be doing the highhill thing, but health issues won’t allow. I try to make up for it with bright tennis shoes and boots. I hardly ever leave my house that I don’t get some compliment on my hat or something else. I am out to having fun in life. because life is way too short.

  5. I am 65 (until November). I am on Medicare and about to start receiving Social Security. And yet…NOPE. I am NOT too old to do anything I feel comfortable doing. In fact, my 89 year old mother has become even MORE free about living her fullest life! She is an amazing role model for me.


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