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Some of My Favorite Prints

I’m excited to share a curated collection of picks with a focus on BIPOC independent artists I love…

I’m excited to share my curated collection of picks from Society6 with a focus on BIPOC independent artists I love. Colorful, graphic, and cool… these pieces add life to any room. You can shop over 40 of my favorite artists on my curated list, and I’ve even included some other home decor with art on it…like shower curtains, clocks, and pillows!

Left to right, top to bottom (and use code OHJOY35 for 35% off!):

01. Peace Wall Clock by Sabrena Khadija 

02. Lemon by Loveis Wise

03. What’s The Best That Could Happen by The Motivated Type

04. Colorblock Shower Curtain by colour poems

05. Blurry Colors Pillow by Paula Ferrando 

06. Autumn Picnic by Sandra Poliakov

07. Dente de Leão by Willian Santiago

08. Dolores Floor Pillow by Willian Santiago

09. Love Wall Hanging by Morgan Harper Nichols

10. Summer Story by Chetan Singh Kunwar 


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