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Let Me Shop for You: Ramen Bowls

I’ve been on a search for some great ramen bowls. Here are some of my faves…

It’s cooler and cozier over here in Los Angeles which means just the weather for soups and noodles! I’ve been on the hunt for some great ramen bowls. Pasta bowls aren’t quite right as they can be more shallow than what you often need for noodles that involve soup—like ramen or udon. So in my search, I’ve gathered this mix of bowls…some are made in sets, and some are one-of-a-kind in small batches and made by hand. The key is finding something at least 7″ in diameter and then the depth is a personal preference! Here are some of my faves…

01. Rory Pots (alt colors) ($60), 02. EnikoKovacsDesign stripe bowls ($38), 03. Dancing With Dunes ($30), 04. BirdmansHome ($61), 05. Kanto Ramen Bowl from West Elm ($15), 06. Cozy and Chill Official bowls with handles ($22), 07. LalasFreshPotsCo Speckled bowl ($50), 08. MoonshineDesignShop pink bowls with rest ($48), 09. Pigeon Toe Ceramics Daily Bowl ($46), 10. Middaymotivation bowls ($43), 11. Haand Sharing Bowl ($44), 12. Sarah Kersten speckle ramen bowl ($52).

P.S. For more tabletop pieces I love, see here!

Top photo by Bonnie Tsang


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