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Our New Mixbook Holiday Cards

We have a new collection of holiday photo cards with Mixbook! The collection has five different styles with lots of color-ways to chose from, as well as some metallic options because you know I like my cards to shine! Here’s a look at all them…

If you’ve been around here for a little while, you may know we have a collection of photo books and holiday cards with Mixbook. Well this year, we have a new collection of holiday photo cards that you can order RIGHT NOW! The newest collection has five different styles with lots of color-ways to chose from, as well as some metallic options because you know I like my cards to shine. Here’s a look at all them…

Merry and Bright!
This option comes in both pink and blue and you can choose to have silver, gold or rose gold metallic accents (or non-foil, too!) We think the pattern almost looks like snow. Remember – you can change ALL of the text to say whatever you want or just add your family name to what we’ve started for you in the template.

Holiday Plaid
Holiday Plaid is a fun play with pattern. Also all the rectangular cards on the site can have different edges (light straight or rounded), so play around with those grey dots on the listing and pick the one you like best. We love the very seasonal plaid in classic Oh Joy! Christmas pink – and we hope you do, too!

Happy Holidays
Our Happy Holidays card is next, and one of my favorites! The metallic stripes really make this card pop – and you can choose from silver, rose gold, gold, or no foil in white. Don’t forget to add your personalized message on the back!

Happy Everything
Our Happy Everything square card is designed for those who don’t want typical holiday colors. There are three fun color ways on this card (blue and lilac, copper and mustard yellow, and green and pink). Here’s a tip for choosing your color on the Mixbook site: you must pick the color on the HOME PAGE, with the grey dots underneath the listing. That will bring you the chosen color way for you to then customize.

Holiday Color Blocks
Our Holiday Color Blocks square card comes in three color ways (pinks and reds; multi; and desert tones). Remember, you must choose your color-way from the HOME PAGE (which is why I didn’t link directly to the card). If you don’t pick a color, it will default to one of the colors (pink and red).

And a here’s look at a couple of the cards from our original collection which I still love so much (Holiday Dots and Holiday Stripes)!

We love this collection and hope your family chooses one for your holiday cards! I love that the designs are so fun that they’ll make any photo (even a simple vacation snapshot) feel special to send out for the holidays.

And remember, holiday photos can be for singles, couples, pet lovers, anyone…take a beautiful (or funny/silly) photo and share it with those in your life that you love (and love you!) this holiday season. If you have any questions or trouble finding any of the designs, drop us a comment below or email us [email protected]

P.S. Use code OHJOY50 for 50% off your Mixbook order!

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