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Holiday Gift Guide: Food and Snacks

Food gifts are by far my favorite gift to give. Here are 10 of my favorite food gifts to gift this year…

Food gifts are by far my favorite gift to give. You can give them when you know someone’s taste really well (and find something you know they’ll love) or you can gift food when you don’t know them that well at all (because there are certain things almost everyone likes…ahem…chocolate!). Here are 10 of my favorite food gifts to gift this year…

01. Stick With Me Truffles ($25 for 6 piece box) – This was one of my favorite food gives that I received this year. Not only are they insanely pretty, but they taste amazing! Made hand in New York City, they come in a range of sizes and make a great gift everyone will love.

02. Goldbelly Food Subscription (starts at $49) – You can choose a favorite food (bacon, pizza, cookies) or even a subscription that supports the recipients favorite food city (like Chicago, Miami, New Orleans).

03. Little Spoon Smoothie Packs for Kids (starts at $2.50) – A healthy snack both you and your kiddo can agree on! These are so handy to have around to grab-and-go. These make a great gift for an active family with busy parents.

04. Compartes Chocolate Bar collection ($250 for 24 bars) – For the serious chocolate lover, this gorgeous box has 24 gourmet chocolate bars all handmade in Los Angeles. The best part (besides the chocolate) is the graphic and colorful packaging.

05. Bokksu Japanese Snack Box ($49) – For those who love unique snacks, each box has at least 20 premium Japanese snacks, candies, and a tea pairing in a one-time limited edition handcrafted wooden box! Get them a single month or multiple months!

06. Momofuku Pantry Starter Pack ($55) – Featuring Savory, Tingly and Spicy Seasoned Salts, Soy Sauce, Tamari, and Chili Crunch, this pack will give you the tools to season, sauce, and spice to create your favorite dishes. 

07. Pipcorn Snack Pack ($45) – This is a great gift for a popcorn and movie lover. Using tiny heirloom kernels, the popped corn is small and delicious – little pips that everyone will love!

08. Vahdam Tea Sets (from $30) – Incredible loose-leaf tea blends with 100% real ingredients and a medley of flavors for you to ring in the magic of the season everyday. Make a great gift for those who love their morning and evening tea routine.

09. Sammee Boba Kit (from $36) – The Boba Kit contains an all-in-one mix of tea, non-dairy creamer, and sugar, for a ready-to-drink bubble tea that is as easy to make as it is to drink. Just add water or milk! These mixes can be used to make iced, blended, and hot drinks.

10. Malai Ice Cream ($109 for 6 pints) – Make in Brooklyn, Malai blends sweet cream with global spices and aromas for unique ice cream flavors that taste familiar and exotic at the same time.


  1. Have you had the Thai rice chips from Dang Foods? A friend had given me some last year and said they were close to what they had in Thailand. I am addicted to them and have ordered the variety pack several times. So delicious. Snacks for life!


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