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Finishing the Year…Content!

I’ve heard from so many of you that this year has been hard. Here are some thoughts for ending the year if you’re feeling what I’m feeling…

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Most people talk about finishing the year STRONG. Give it all you got! Hustle and strive and burn it up and get to the end! And if you’re in that place in your life right now, that’s amazing! But for many of us, this year (and the last couple years) has put us through the wringer. I’ve heard from so many of you that this year has been hard. We’ve revisited what’s important, what it really means to hustle, and how we can make our lives more content. I, personally, just want to feel content and happy and grateful for what I have knowing I can still accomplish what I want to without having to live in the hustle culture of years past. Here are some thoughts for ending the year if you’re feeling what I’m feeling…

Give It Your Best and Celebrate That!
Going into year-end goals (or even each day) with your best effort is what we can always strive for. And “your best” is an ever-changing standard. Your best on somedays might be that everyone in the house gets fed and dressed and brushes their teeth. Somedays it might be pitching a new idea to your boss. But doing your best is a frame of mind. I’m going to do my best today (not someone else’s best). And don’t forget to celebrate each day. Think of one (or two or ten) good things you did that day and tell yourself you’re proud of you. We’re proud of you, too!

Take Extra Time to Think Things Through
A lot of times when we’re stressed or worried, we make fast, rash decisions or let things slip through the cracks. This happens, and it’s ok! But if you have the capacity and the time, take ten minutes every day and think about the day and the week. What do I really want to get done today? What must get done for my family this week? Were there things I could have done differently? Are there any “easy” decisions I can make? (ie. ordering dinner instead of cooking, getting a cleaning service for that week, watching a movie as a family activity, etc.) Spending a few minutes thinking about your life helps you better plan and prioritize and look forward to things coming.

Remember Self-Care
People associate self-care with a bubble bath, a massage or another glass of wine. These sometimes work. But don’t forget self-care is taking care of yourself, in whatever form that means. It could be saying “no” to helping with the classroom Christmas party or Thanksgiving play. It could mean working with your partner and kids to better divide up household responsibilities. It could be finishing that book that’s been on your nightstand for nine months. Don’t forget to move your body and take care of your physical health, too! Get out and take a walk. Come play tennis with me! Moving your body usually helps your mind. Remember, it’s easier to take care of other people and responsibilities when your own cup is full and you feel nurtured.

Look Ahead with Hope
The close of the year means…a new year is coming! So if this year had some low points for you, remember to not always be looking down but sometimes peek up and look ahead. Give yourself permission to believe that next year is going to be even better. If you have the time and space, write down one thing you’re hoping for during the next year. It doesn’t have to be an official New Year’s Resolution. Just think of something you can peek at that makes you excited for what’s ahead. Maybe it’s…finish three books, memorize my favorite haiku, learn to sew, or get a manicure (and a massage!) on your birthday. One little bit of newness can change your outlook.

As you end 2022, whether in a flurry or more slowly, we are hoping good things and great dreams for you all!


  1. oh my! I read the title as “content” as in “social media content” and thought, “oh wow, she’s finishing the year strong!” haha I guess I was right, even though I was wrong.


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