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See You in 2023…

A quick recap of the year and a look to next year…

Friends –

We’ve made it! We’re at the 2022 finish line, and I am so happy to be here! I’m looking forward to taking the next two weeks off, slowing down a bit, and getting some rest with family. I hope you will take the opportunity in the busyness of school plays, parties, gifts, and dinners to take a minute and reflect on the year.

For us, Oh Joy! has had a lot of fun and new experiences this past year—including our first line of women’s clothing with The ODells and our new kids’s book about Confidence. I personally also hit a creative rut this year that was hard for me, but a solo trip to NYC and support from friends, family, and YOU helped so much! We’re also looking forward some fun new things in 2023 like our new group coaching sessions in the Oh Joy! Academy and some fun new collections we can’t quite tell you about yet! Stay tuned…

We really want to thank you for being here with us this year, supporting our small business by visiting the blog, following and engaging on social media, and even buying our products when you can! We so appreciate your comments, your notes, and your love always. We hope we were able to bring a little joy into your days in 2022 and are planning to do lots more in 2023!

See you in the new year!


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