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Coming Soon: My Newest Project…

Sharing things about my mental health journey (in therapy, life coaching, just by living, and more) has been something that means a lot to me…

Over the last 17 years of my business, I’ve been able to do so many cool and creative things. And, I feel very lucky to have been able to add creative endeavors to my work as my life changes and different things become important to me. I have missed writing and connecting with you in the ways that I used to be able to in the OG days of blogging (Hello 2005!), and today’s social media has taken communication and the ability to reach people in a whole different direction that is often out of my control. At the same time, sharing things about my mental health journey (in therapy, life coaching, just by living, and more) has been something that means a lot to me and that you’ve responded to a lot over the years, too. So I’ve decided to launch a Substack newsletter called “Crazy. Mad. Joy.” which will explore my adventures in mental health in a whole new way than I have been able to share in my current social platforms. So next Friday, March 17th, I’ll be launching my Substack and first essay there, and I invite you to subscribe and join me there, too.

What is a Substack?
Great question! If you don’t already follow other Substacks, it’s basically a newsletter that gets delivered to your email at whatever regularity the writer decides. This format makes it easy to receive people’s content regularly, directly, and allows you decide how much (or how little) you want to interact. No algorithms get in the way there.

Is it Free?
As someone who has created content for free for my readers for over 17 years, this will be the first time that I am choosing to share the full breadth of my content only to those who are paid subscribers. If you sign up before it launches, the first two weeks will be FREE FOR EVERYONE so you can get an idea of what I’ll be sharing with you. Then, there will be once-a-month essays for free subscribers, but paid subscribers (starts at $5/month) will get weekly essays from me in addition to my never-ending gratitude for your support of my work. The paid subscriptions allow that space to be ad and sponsor-free. You can see all the subscription options right here.

What if I don’t like reading emails?
Totally get you. I love my Substack subscriptions because it breaks up the “work” and “obligation” emails with something fun and interesting that I get to choose to read. Plus, as a creator, it allows me direct access to you without worrying about algorithms, platforms being down, etc.

Are you leaving everywhere else?
Nope! I’ll still be on this blog, on social, and everywhere else you’ve seen me before. We still have lots of exciting things coming from Oh Joy! this year that I can’t wait to share. Crazy. Mad. Joy. is a place for me to just be “Joy”, not “Oh Joy!” and be a little more open with you. It’s a part of me you may have seen a glimmer of, but now I’m here in my full, honest glory. It’s going to be amazing, so please join me.

Mark your calendars for next Friday! And subscribe now to have the first email land directly in your inbox. I’ll see you there 😉


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