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Guess Where We’re Going for Spring Break?

I cannot even believe I’m saying this but we are headed to…

I cannot even believe I’m saying this but we are headed to Asia for Spring Break! It’s been a while since we have gone on a big trip out of the country as a family…maybe a decade or more. Over the last few years of the pandemic, we realized how precious time with family is. So we’re dedicating the next couple years to getting in trips with our parents to their homelands while they are still in good health.

So for this year, we’re headed to Bob’s place of birth—Seoul, South Korea! And, while we’re in that part of Asia, we’re going to spend some time in Tokyo, Japan too. Bob and I visited Japan before we had kids and loved it so much. Our kids have never been to Asia before, so we’re excited for them to get to see a new country and another culture now that they are old enough to remember it and appreciate it!

If you’ve been to either Tokyo or Seoul and have any recommendations for us: things to do, eat, design, shops, things kids like, etc. I would love any suggestions! I’ll be sure to recap and share my favorites for you, too, after we get back!

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  1. So excited for your family for so many reasons! These trips will be so special for everyone! Enjoy and report back!!

  2. I’m sure you will find it in all guides but Teamlab Planets in Tokyo was an amazing experience! My 4 year old wanted to go again the next day 🙂
    My favorite place was Tsukiji Market where we ate the most amazing sushi, mochi, etc.
    I also loved Sensonji temple and the area that surrounds it.
    I hope you have fun!

  3. I will never forget the udon at Nezu Kamachiku (that texture…so much better than any udon I’ve tried in the US). It is close to Nezu station in Tokyo. A gorgeous little historical spot with a view of a peaceful garden, and they serve sake too.

  4. How amazing!! I’m so very happy for your family but especially for your girls! If there is a regret I do have for traveling with my girls (who are now 15 and 14) it is that we haven’t taken them to Asia. I’m sure when they do go, they will appreciate it all so much, but I always wonder how their perspectives would be different now had we already taken them there. Have a wonderful trip and can’t wait to read all about your adventures!


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