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Mother’s Day Gift Guide Round Up

While I could tell you that my kid’s love is all I need for Mother’s Day, a little something fun for Mom never hurts…

Being a Mom is one of the parts of my life I never knew would be so impactful until I became one! While I could tell you that my kid’s love is all I need for Mother’s Day, a little something fun for Mom never hurts :P. So what do we gift the ultimate VIP in our lives? If you’re looking for some things for Mom this Mother’s Day, here are a few of my favorites…

1. The Perfect Card – A heart-felt note for Mom is the best. Don’t overthink it, and write something sweet, funny, or sassy—just like her!

2. Evermill Spice Rack – For the chef or the organized aficionado, this spice rack is both beautiful and useful—my favorite combination in the kitchen.

3. Sphere Candles – Candles are often a default gift for moms, and they’re absolutely right! They are soothing and relaxing – plus these ones make for sculptural and fun decor pieces lit or not.

4. And if she’s a candle-lover, give her this Match Cloche because lighting a candle should be as chic and relaxing as the candle itself. No more unsightly, gangly lighters, use these sophisticated matches that double as decor.

5. Jones Road Set – Moms like practical and easy, and this makeup set delivers. I just started wearing products from Jones Road and loves them. Celebrate mom’s never-ending beauty with a set just for her!

6. Botanical Gardens (Huntington for LA/SoCal locals) – Sometimes experiences are better than physical gifts. Get mom a pass to her local botanical garden, museum or theater. Better yet, make time to join her on one of her excursions!

7. Invite her over for brunch – Make a special meal to celebrate mom (especially if she’s usually the one cooking) or take her out to her favorite restaurant for time together with good food.

8. Model Bakery – And if you’re distant from Mom, send brunch in the mail instead! I always love a snack treat, and your mom will too!

9. Hella Awkward Game – for the social butterfly mom when she’s hanging and entertaining with friends.

10. Jungalow Striped Mugs – For the mom who loves her caffeine fix and hosting tea on the porch, this set of mugs is fun for her to use with friends or during her solo time.

11. Jin Soon Confetti Nail Polish – This is for the mom who is fun and loves color and makes for a fun activity to do together!

12. The Perfect Shoes. One pair? Or three pairs?! 😉 Mom will love our Oh Joy! for Rockport shoes that are both stylish and so comfortable.

P.S. Our friends at Rockport are doing a Mother’s Day giveaway with us soon. So be sure to follow both @rockport and @ohjoy on Instagram!

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