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Business and Career Coaching for Creatives

Do you know that I do business and career coaching for creatives? Here’s more on how I can help you…

One of my favorite parts of my job (that not everyone knows I do) is business and career coaching for small business, creatives, and students. I started doing it over 13 years ago as a way to use all the information I’ve learned as an entrepreneur who started with nothing to help guide and teach all the things I wish I knew as I was growing my design business back in 2005. Since then, I’ve grown my brand from a graphic design studio to a lifestyle brand, written 7 books, designed over 45 product collections through licensing, consulted for hundreds of small businesses around the world, and spoken at dozens of corporations including Target, Pinterest, and Hallmark and conferences about business and entrepreneurship.

If you’re a:
-current small business owner
-aspiring small business owner
-the leader of an in-house creative team
-a member of an in-house creative team
-a student who wants to go into a creative field
-someone looking for a career change into a creative field

I can help you with:
-Brand/Marketing Feedback
-Product Development and Feedback
-Social Media Development
-Licensing Your Artwork
-Pitching to Brands
-Pitching, Writing, and Publishing a book
-Working with Influencers
-Work/Life Balance
-Growing a Team
-Portfolio and Website Reviews
-Career Change Advisory
…and more…

Let my insane knowledge help you in your journey and your dreams! I have one-on-one options, group coaching, and online classes. See more here or email us: [email protected] to create something just for you or your team. Or, if you have friends and family who could use my help, send them this post!


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