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Book Gift Guide

Whether they are a reader of fiction, non-fiction, or want to learn and explore more about a hobby or interest, books are the perfect way to help inspire them!

Books always make great gifts for the person who already has everything or for the person who always loves learning. Whether they are a reader of fiction, non-fiction, or want to learn and explore more about a hobby or interest, books are the perfect way to help inspire them!

1. Hotel Kitsch – I have always loved following along with Margaret and Corey’s travels and the never-ending cool places they come across in their travels. This book captures it all and gives you places to not only be inspired by but to add to your must-stay list!

2. Kung Food – Jon Kung brings his family’s traditional Chinese recipes to his current day cooking style creating a book of recipes that are simply incredible. Plus, he proposes to his boyfriend in the acknowledgements at the end which is the coolest ending to a book ever.

3. The Big Book of Happy Crafts – Lucia brings the happiest and most colorful crafts to this interactive and fun book. It’s meant for adults who need help exploring their creative side with lots of projects you could do with kids, too!

4. Here We Go Again – Tiffani Thiessen is always inspiring with her approachable ideas for recipes and creativity in the kitchen. I love how she focuses on leftovers in this book making us look at them in a whole new way!

5. Made Whole – The Budgetnista is back with her smart and savvy money-saving tips. This book makes a great companion to her first book or as a stand alone for those who are ready to get started on a smarter financial journey.

6. How We Got By – I’m a big fan of short stories and essays and love this book that captures real life stories of people going through hard and hopeful times. This is great for someone who has had a rough year to give them a sense of connection with others.

7. A Heart on Fire – The always inspiring, Danielle Coke Balfour, has her first book out that expands upon the amazing work she does on her social media giving people positive thoughts and affirmations especially during tough times in the world. With her beautiful illustrations and words, she affirms ways to be a good neighbor, human, and citizen of the world.

8. Handmade Murder – OG blogger and craft maven, Emma Chapman, set a goal to write a murder novel long ago, and I am so proud of her that it’s now out in the world! It deals with tough topics that women may face, so it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

9. The Messy Truth – Alli Webb, the co-founder of Drybar, reveals the toughest parts of her personal journey that no one knew about while her business was seemingly booming from the outside. This is a great look at all the parts of success and the realities of being human.

These aren’t all lovey-dovey, life-is-perfect books! Some are meant to teach, some meant to inspire, and some meant to make you feel less alone. I hope you’ll think about your loved ones with these and see who might need one of these books at this phase of their life. Also, these are all books written by people I follow on Instagram reminding us that social media does have it’s amazing ability to connect us with those who inspire.



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